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Being healthy is your greatest power! 

Welcome to Gut School

Get healthy by using Johanna's proven 5-Step signature health course, where you start with your gut! Be guided we by week, to know what to do and most importantly when. 

"Gut School has really helped me get my health on track. I'm feeling better, sleeping better, and have much more energy. The steps are easy to follow and so informative! The information that I've had access to has been invaluable!"

A.M. Brisbane

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A personal message from me to you! 

What You'll Achieve in Gut School:

  • Gain the right answers for your current health situation & how to improve your immune system

  • Feel peace of mind & be supported by my professional guidance any time you need

  • Clear old emotional blocks preventing you from moving forward with your health

  • Fine-tune your intuition to help you with all facets of your life

  • Find the right type of exercise that you actually love doing AND will benefit you the most

J.B. Charters Towers

"If you're trying to improve you're health and nutrition but not sure how this is the way to integrate this into your lifestyle."

J.B. Charter Towers

N.D. Townsville

"Joining Johanna's Gut Program is the best decision I've made! It has made my life really simple and I'm so excited to be a part of it! I've finally found my tribe!!"

N.D. Townsville

K.P. Charters Towers

"Knowing that Johanna is always ready to answer any questions, no matter how personal, is very comforting. I've been searching for ages for beneficial changes that didn't include medication and have found what I've been looking for."

K.P Charters Towers


In Gut School You'll Receive:

  • Clinical guidance for your gut health geared to improve your immune system via your gut.

  • Both online video & written info where I go through each step with you and be there to support you.

  • Your food plan + Shopping list + Recipe Books with nearly 200 everyday recipes

  • Hand-picked yoga videos and meditations to support you through the steps

  • Special support and assistance alongside your medical plan if you need it.

  • A Gut School private group so you're never alone!

Heading 3

5 Steps To Your Best Health

You can sort your food, natural remedies right for you, stress reduction, mindset and everything that you need to feel your ultimate self!

Deliciously Healthy Recipes

Learn how easy it is to still have your favourite meals, by swapping to ingredients your gut will love you for.

Movements You'll Love Doing

I've hand picked some different styles of exercise, which will make your heart sing! These video classes get you results and are actually lovely to do!

Have More Questions?

Thanks so much for your message!  I'll reply ASAP!

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