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Beef Bone Broth – You’ll Love This Recipe!

Don’t really like the taste or even the sound of  Bone Broth?

You’re not alone.

Many struggle to like the idea of this ‘nutrition craze.’

It may taste too ‘raw,’ the name puts us off, or it’s just all too hard to make.

I’m hearing you… but how this stuff actually helps our health is impossible to ignore.

Although not a new thing (it’s actually an ancient remedy) and adding bone broth to our lives will progress us from OK health towards our ultimate health!

Even though the weather is warming up, our bodies still crave the healing benefits that bone broth can give us.  It helps sore knee joints, digestive issues, splitting and breaking fingernails, dry hair and skin and a general lack of minerals and nutrients.

A lot cheaper than buying bottles of supplements that we may not be absorbing anyway!

And the exciting thing is that the all to common ‘Leaky Gut’ is the major health issue bone broths can heal. I’d go far as to say most of us have leaky gut to some degree, which will cause havoc with our health (if it isn’t already doing so.)

High in protein, good fats and gelatin, all locked away in the bones, joints and marrow, this little beauty will give us brighter skin and eyes, stronger nails and shinier hair.

Need I say more?

Beef Bone Broth Recipe 5 Easy Steps!

Ingredients (Use organic where you can):

1 bag of  grass fed organic beef bones (6-8 bones, joints, and marrow from butcher)

2 brown onions, quartered

4 sticks of celery

2 carrots, quartered

1 whole bunch of garlic (smashed with the back of the knife)

1 knob of ginger, sliced into chunks

1 knob of tumeric, sliced into chunks

2 tbs organic Apple Cider Vinegar

2 bay leaves

3 stalks of rosemary or thyme

2 tbs of whole peppercorns


Step 1. Cram all ingredients into a slow cooker and top with filtered water. 

(Make sure that it’s really crowded in there to get maximum nutrients.)

Step 2. Put lid on, set to LOW and cook for 36 hours. (Yes this long!)

Note: It shouldn’t evaporate.  The broth will go darker and more concentrated as time goes on.  IF you take the broth off too early, it will be pale and taste ‘raw’ which is what many people don’t like (including me.)  IF you top up with water, you won’t achieve that jelly like consistency when it is chilled, which tells you that you have a wonderful amount of gelatin in there.

Step 3. Pour through a sieve to strain solids and stand broth on bench to cool. 

Step 4. Put into fridge to chill. 

Note: You should then have a thick disk shape of fat on the top that you can simply lift off and throw (some keep this as healthy Paleo saturated fat to cook with.) Underneath there will be a dark golden wobbly liquid.

Step 5. Portion cup full’s into glad bags and freeze. 

Perfect for a cup of daily broth, adds amazing flavor to curries, savoury mince, or throw in some vegetables to make a nutritious bed time soup.  

Tip: when you reheat it, season with pink himalayan salt, pepper, and tumeric for extra anti-inflammatory clout!

So have you any tips for your perfect bone broth? I’d love to hear about them in the comment section below 🙂

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P.P.S.  In the mean time if you’ve any questions, jump over to the Nutrition For Life Community and ask away, this is where I hang out when not in a consultation.

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