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Energize For Christmas By Ending Your Sugar Lover Affair

I know being controlled by sugar cravings doesn’t feel very good, the intense highs and lows are exhausting… and do we really need to feel like this in the lead up to Christmas?

So I’ve just written a Free eBook for you (especially for the month of November) which will help you ‘Pretox’ and get ready to really enjoy December fun without the exhaustion!

Most people who come to see me at my clinic have sugar cravings and these cravings show up disguised in many ways and often it’s NOT that you have no willpower – there are stronger forces at play!

Sugar cravings can be disguised as looking for something sweet after dinner at night, cravings for fresh sweet fruits like mangoes and watermelon every afternoon or the strong urge to drive down to the shop especially to grab a chocolate.

These are all powerful urges and often near impossible to ignore!

The problem is once we add sugar into our every day lives, it gets harder to give up (when we finally realize it’s taken a hold on us.)

It’s no wonder our brains can become addicted to sugar’s powerful effect.   Our ‘feel-good’ hormone – Serotonin is increased in a superficial way, commonly lacking in people today, given the rise of depression and anxiety.

As you now know, Serotonin is also effected by our gut health… I see so many people who have gut issues (bloating, pains and discomfort) who also suffer from anxiety (low serotonin levels.)

Sugar gives us the false sense of feeling good, it sends positive messages to our brain and the rest of our bodies.  The problem is that the high we feel from a sweet drink, a piece of cake or big bowl of pasta won’t last long at all, and eating these foods (without protein) will set us up for wanting more and more to feel relaxed and good, especially if we’re stressed!

And the real effects of sugar on our bodies can be huge, causing the number 1. body system to go into disarray – Our Gut!  And as we are learning now, our gut health will dictate every other health system of our body.

There are heaps of common physical causes for the sugar cravings too, like intestinal yeast overgrowth and gut parasites (all which feed off sugar and will send us signals to literally eat sugar), stress, hormonal imbalances, too much acidic foods e.g. women who eat a lot of meat will often crave sugar, gluten sensitivities and a general lack of happiness in our lives.


Again, we should all be treated individually.  Sugar is very addictive but the degree is determined by our mental and physical health.

Some women will be greatly effected over others.  This depends on our genetics, lifestyle, hormonal situation, how we sleep, if we exercise and what we eat… all of these things have a huge impact on our serotonin levels so if we’re needing more serotonin, often sugar cravings are going to pop up to try to remedy this, but will only make things much worse.

So given that I’m seeing people every day with the same sugar cravings, and hearing about how it’s making them feel, I’ve written this free eBook to take you through HOW to end this sugar love affair for good!  Click Here to download a copy just for you!

P.S. Please share this with your loved ones, and help them get ready to have fun with you this Christmas… and don’t forget you can ask me any questions over at Nutrition For Life Community – where you can find me every day 🙂

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