Flu & Your Immune – Tricks On How To Boost Yourself Naturally

How do you prepare your health to avoid the flu? 

Some have the flu vaccination, and others wonder if they should get the vaccination.

Now matter what season or latest virus getting around, It’s never too late to work on boosting you immune system with many tricks I have up my sleeve!

If we listen to our GP – the flu shot is a definite for everyone!

If we listen to a holistic health practitioner (who treats a person’s whole health and focuses on prevention first) the answer depends on what state your health is currently in? Remember most of your immune system 'lives' in your gut so we advise to strengthen your gut health as your first port of call! Obviously if your immune system is strong, you're more likely to avoid illness.

If you’re freaked out by media scares on the flu (and now the Corona Virus) I invite you to be aware that the media is geared to create fear among our society. Sadly.

As Dr Mark Hyman says:

Most deaths that we hear about on the news are only associated with the flu via contraction of pneumonia and its influence on existing medical conditions. The flu’s mortality rate itself is much less common-in fact, more people die each year from malnutrition than from the flu!

We aren’t told that these things below are in the flu vaccination!  

  1. Egg proteins: Including avian contaminant viruses

  2. Formaldehyde: Known carcinogen

  3. Thimerosal: Mercury-based preservative

  4. Other heavy metals such as aluminum: Known neurotoxin

  5. Sugar: The essence of all inflammatory disease

  6. Triton X100: A detergent

  7. Other additives known to cause allergic reactions

These are certainly not things I’m happy to be injecting into my body! The biggest worry is the preservative ‘thimerosal’ which contains mercury.

We know that exposure to mercury leads to systemic health problems such as neurological dysfunction (memory loss, confusion, inability to concentrate) to depression, renal failure, skin troubles and gastrointestinal disturbances (one of the biggest health complaints in my private practice today.)

The facts are, the influenza vaccines is not completely effective.  It’s hardly even ‘mostly effective.’  It just may  provide moderate protection and that is all! 

The flu vaccination works 24 – 60% of the time. It will take 10–14 days for your body to develop immunity to the stains you’re exposed to in the vaccine. Meaning, if you’ve already been exposed, it may not help.

Instead, these are the questions we should ask ourselves:

Why do we get the flu in the first place?  Why is our immune system low in the first place? What changes can we make in order to prevent illness now and in the future?

Why confuse ourselves about the pros and cons of a vaccine’s worth, safety, and availability when we have so much we can do to prevent the flu and other diseases in the future?

Easy ways to boost your own immunity

An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

1. Checking in on habits you’ve acquired over the years that don’t really serve you. 2. Using some little tricks to make your poor old immune system feel nourished. 3.  Using some little trick to actually boost your immune system and fire it up!

1. habits that work against us

When we’re not in optimal health, our immune system struggle.

Things like chronic stress, digestive distress, poor diet, the habit of putting everyone first before your own well being or other lifestyle habits – e.g. too much sugar, alcohol and/or smoking.

This is a great time to get honest with ourselves (difficult but necessary) where we can do a Spring clean of all the little habits we’ve picked up over the last decade, that we know doesn’t serve us anymore.

Here’s a little starting point:

  1. Aim to get as much sleep before 2am as possible i.e go to bed early.  The sleep you get at this time, is deeper and more restorative than sleep after 2am.

  2. Get a simple blood test to check you zinc status, vitamin D levels, iron, B12 and supplement with good quality supplements if you need to.

  3. Eat plenty of green leafy vegetables which contain protective compounds.

  4. Implement stress reducing tools into your day e.g. yoga, walks in nature.

  5. Sort any digestive issues (your immune system mostly lives in your gut. Work out what your triggers are and heal your gut with specific foods.

2. Little tricks to nourish your immunity

There are specific things you can do to nourish yourself rather than leaving yourself deficient and open to sickness.

Truth is, the food we eat these days doesn’t have the same nutrient levels as they once did, due to deficient soils (highly farmed and treated) and the length of time (3 months for fresh food) the food then sits on our supermarket shelves.