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Cravings & Stress

Firstly, I want to share a little tip that I hope helps you as much it did for me!  This is for when you’re feeling like you have too much to do every day, or perhaps you’re multitasking but at the same time having low productivity.

Feeling like you’re not getting what you want to get done?

Many of us have issues with productivity, no matter what our jobs.  Either we’re overly productive, but we’re feeling burnt out all the time.  Or we’re not productive enough, because we simply don’t know where to start (overwhelm is not fun!)

When we’re constantly multi-tasking and trying to make things happen all of the time, we can wind up feeling burnt out.   Things like brain fog, low energy (therefore cravings) adrenal fatigue and unable to focus, are some things that we can feel and really stress us!

A good question we can ask ourselves is this!

How much am I  doing at one time? (Take a kind of stock take on this.)

Mental fatigue is a bit like having lots of different websites running simultaneously on our computer – this is draining the battery behind the scenes constantly which is like running on low energy for us!

The more we try to multi-task – the less we’re actually getting done, especially to the quality that we’d like it to be.

So here’s a little plan of action for you to try:

Choose just 5 things to do per day

Make a list of the 5 most important things that you need to do that day (and not do number 2 until you’ve completed number 1.)  And if you don’t get all 5 in one day, just pick up the next one the next day.  Or if you’ve got to get some progress on all 5 in that day, make sure you still just focus on these 5 things as best you can.  Easily said, but having this intention is better than not right?

So what can you do if it’s too late and your already frazzled and stressed?

Many of us have fallen into a bit of hole of trying to make ourselves feel better by relying a little (or a lot) on ‘stuff’ that are actually making the situation worse in the long term.

“Attachments to external stimuli or substances and cravings are becoming a huge pattern for women’s health.”

Common things we’re doing that feed our ‘reward system’ of our brain (in a not so good way)

  1. Social media (needing ‘that fix’ multiple times per day, often absent minded)

  2. Sugar and carb cravings to feel satisfied and to get energy

  3. Craving lots of social occasions and having FOMO a lot  (Fear of missing out!)

  4. Looking forwards a little too much to that evening glass of wine or 2 or 3

  5. Caffeine (can’t start the day without a coffee) and smoking

The list can be pretty endless, depending on ‘your thing’ however they are all pretty common in the way that you may not feel at peace until you get that fix.

I just know in my private natural health practice, a lot of women are struggling with cravings and attachments/addictions to certain foods, drink and behaviors that we all know aren’t good for us (but when we are doing/eating them, it gives momentary relief from unconscious stress.)

Can’t we have a couple of crutches?  What’s the harm!  

The brain-reward cascade (how sneaky addictions catch up with us)

We all have a reward pattern in our brain and a brain ‘neurotransmitter’ called Dopamine which is largely involved in this ‘cascade of events.’  Don’t get me wrong, dopamine is a wonderful natural thing we all have. It gives us that natural boost of mental peace, happiness or feel-good awareness i.e. if the balance has not been disturbed.

Ongoing Stress Burns Through Our Natural Supply Of Dopamine

If we become too stressed and for too long, these dopamine levels decrease (become deficient) and we then automatically seek it externally we don’t know we’re doing it.)

And if we continually reach for that Dopamine ‘hit’ from unhealthy external sources, this becomes a bit like an itchy bite.  The more we scratch it the more we need to. And soon, we’re in a bad cycle.

This is how we can subconsciously create an unhealthy pattern in our lives.  The cycle then goes on and we continue this pattern, subconsciously pushing down what we actually know is not good for our health.

So why such a bad thing?

We all need a bit of fun in our life right?  Yes, but it depends on how your brain is viewing what’s fun.

External stimuli or unnatural boosts that we rely on, train our brain to become reliant and ultimately addicted to the very things that are bad for us.   At first this may seem harmless, but after time (maybe a few years) it becomes a problem for our health.

And suffering from physical pain can cause this kind of pattern too

Many people suffer from pain conditions and this greatly affects mood, digestion and our overall quality of life. Emotional sensitivity, physical and psychological stress (anxiety) from a certain discomfort or pain that we may have, really encourages the brain to seek out anything that will give relief . But in the end, the source of pain is actually exacerbated by the very thing that will give us short term or momentarily relief.

A Natural formula to treat cravings and addictions

I’m pretty excited about this new kid on the block in the natural world.   A natural remedy in the form of a supplement ‘blend’ especially designed to turn this all around and act as ‘mood support’ (love the sound of this!)

Sadly, many people don’t know about it because as usual many things that enable us to stay ‘medication free’ and actually take control of our own health, aren’t communicated in the regular media channels.

So if you’d like to know more about this remedy called S.U.D. (don’t worry I’ll explain later) you can email me to find out if it’s right for you.  It’s so reassuring to have options for our health don’t you think?

And if you’d like to start sorting out some things in your own health, come over read about my online health program called Gut School. This where you can start to make some positive health shifts (no matter what these are.)  Check this out HERE.

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