The Gut Powder

The Gut Powder

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About: The Gut Powder was born out of desire to have one easy and effective blend of proven therapeutic powders, to help improve your gut health in a simple pouch (perfect to take with you wherever you go!  


This product has NO additives or sweetners and is gluten free, dairy free, vegan, low carb and of the highest Practitioner Only standard.


 In my clinical experience, just about everyone has poor gut health and sadly we are confused to know where to start! 


This powder is ideal to combine with a healthy diet and lifestyle to match!  Book a consultation on my website if you need more personal  help with your gut health!


"Because our gut always needs a little support in this day and age!"




    There are 5 powders in The Gut Powder all measured at therapeutic doses for optimum performance.


    Partially Hydrolyzed Guar Gum: This is a prebiotic natural food source. 

    Inulin: This is a prebiotic natural plant food source from Chicory Root. 

    L-Glutamine: This is a healing amino acid we already have in our body, but often not enough.  

    Grass-Fed Collagen: This is a 100% organic, natural beef collagen, neutral tasting, there to help keep your insides well sealed and happy! 

    Slippery Elm Bark Powder: This is from a tree.  A medicinal bark powdered and acts as a very healing and soothing to the gut lining.  An Ideal ingredient for constipation and diarhea, bowel disease and all other kinds of gut issues.  

    That's It! No fillers, no nasties and all natural sources of wonderful gut healing  ingredients that you would never have in your diet otherwise!  


    I use Australia Post and will deliver The Gut Powder to anywhere you would like in Australia.  The cost to deliver anywhere in Australia is $9.20. If you live overseas, I can check on your shipping.  Please contact me if you need further help: 


    General Dosage Instructions: Take 1 scoop (8g) of powder in some water or your favourite smoothie up to 2 times per day.  

    For gut maintenance: Take 1 scoop per day

    For gut healing: or if you have gut issues/digestive complaints: Take 2 scoops per day.   

    * Please check with your doctor first. 

Consultations via Townsville Clinic Or remotely via Skype or Zoom 

To book a consultation or ask question, just email me here: 

Clinical Nutritionist

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