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Step 1: Remove the bad stuff

Step 1: Delete stuff that no longer works for you!

A few pointers…

–> Slow internet speed? – Just  read the steps instead.  

–> Grab a notebook and pen in case you want to jot anything down.

–> EWH is very phone friendly.  Save a link to your home screen for easy access!

–> Your Food Plan + Shopping List are at the bottom of this step. 

–> And  REMEMBER… You always have me in Your Member’s Group – for anything you’re unsure of.

“Make space for the new!”

Please know that YOU choose what changes you want to make in all steps so you don’t need to ‘delete’ everything all at once.   You may just want to start with removing 1 or 2 things that make sense to you and build from there OR you might want to just do it all at once and sort this thing!

When you think about it, over the years we accumulate a lot of ‘stuff.’ And this step is basically going through all the possible ‘stuff’ that could in fact be causing your health and happiness to suffer now.

The step of ‘deleting’ does not mean go without.  Rather it means making space in your food and life for new and better options.  The next step will be ‘adding’ and this is something to look forward to.  There is no place here to feel you’re going ‘without.’  You’ll be simply swapping the bad for the good!

Now, it’s time to check the categories below for what you need to remove out of your body (and mind) so that you can make space for the new next week.

Do what you can & take your time!

You could take much longer than 1 week for each step.  The main things is to keep progressing through so that you add in the 5 steps eventually. 

Note: Press the little pink arrow on the right side of each category to expand the information and then press it again to close it up again.

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