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About Johanna

Meet Johanna


I’m Johanna Anning, a fully trained clinical nutritionist, herbalist in training, and ATMS accredited practitioner.


My passion is women’s health and my mission is to help empower you in your health, feel confident in your body, and be excited about what you can bring to your life and others.


I endeavour to open up your health horizons so that you don't feel like your options are limited.


It's amazing just what's out there which can prevent suffering in all areas of our health.


Areas I love to help you with our cycles, hormones, gut health, mental health, unwanted weight and so much more - and feel energized at every stage of your life.


So make a cuppa, browse my blog, perhaps grab yourself some of The Gut Powder from my shop and make sure you enjoy every moment of every day! 

My Story

Years ago, my health came crashing down into an autoimmune condition, where I thought my future would be about specialist appointments and medication for life!

At that point, I slowly realized that the only way out of this mess that I had got myself into, was to proactively look for answers on how to naturally heal my body, even when I was told this wouldn't work. Something inside of me told me to go back 'within' and heal my health myself (why hand my life over to another person after all?)


Since then, I've reversed my autoimmune issue and have never felt better! No more specialists appointments or medications for me. 


What came next, was a huge calling to to show others how they to can crawl out of their own 'health mess.'  It took me MANY YEARS to work it all out and the solutions are what I will show you on this website, in our conversations,  products, blogs and social media.  So please, explore to your heart's content...

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