About Johanna

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Womens health

Digestive wellness

Mental health

Hormonal balance

Food allergies & intolerance

My Story


My own personal health journey was a long one, partly due to ignorance (believing that my doctor was the only one who could help me) plus my lack of 'ownership',  where I wasn't prioritizing my own health and well-being at all!    

I knew I had to do something, when my health came crashing down into an autoimmune condition, where I thought my future would be about specialist appointments and medication for life!   


At this point, I realized that the only way out of this mess that I had got myself into, was to proactively look for answers. 


Since then, I've reversed all scary health stuff for myself and have never felt better! No more specialists or medications for me!  

Now I’m able to help empower others to re-balance their own health too, plus help them get past their own limiting self beliefs and conditioning of the past, which I found to be a huge factor in health and happiness.


So now, my clinical treatment is based on YOU as ‘a whole’ and not just your symptoms.  The symptoms are your body’s way of talking to you.


Through health consultations and my online program 'Gut School' I work with women all over the world to help them get their health back. 


I'm so grateful and honored that they choose me to help them with something so important and life changing! 

“The beauty is, it doesn’t matter where you live – I can help you”