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How I can help you with your health this year?

Things change all the time I'm noticing as I walk my path and no doubt you feel the same way sometimes? Life has speed up (not slowing down) and the months/years can go so fast! This year I've made a few changes in ways I can offer you my help if you need some support with any area of you health this year...

Many have been asking for easy access to some of my favourite supplementary blends which I've made available to you from my website . I use these and more when I consult with ladies about their health for very common health issues, we women struggle with from time to time (or all the time!!)

If you'd like something that is not on the list or from my website, you only need to contact me (hit Reply to this email is easy) and we can look at prescribing what you're needing or just ask a question.

The beauty of these blends below is they are an all-in-one formula, so whether you're after a powder e.g. The Gut Powder for Women or Men, or the Matrix Detox Powder OR the herb blends in a bottle, each bottle is a blend of the most effective and safe powders to target your very own health struggles e.g. Sleep or Immune or liver.... See for a complete list below and I've linked all of these to make it easy for you. ALL available from website:


And yes I'm still doing private health consultations mostly by "Phone Chats" which is a service I've been providing for about a year now, where we chat by phone, often we can work out A LOT by the good ol phone!

This keeps it simple for you (and me) very accessible to you from anywhere you are AND you don't have to walk out the door to get help with your health.

Now sometimes... you may prefer a video chat instead of phone and this is fine too, I can tee this up if you prefer, so that we can have a face-to-face-chat, you from the comfort of your home (or in my case me from my office!) Sometimes it's nice to see a friendly face while we're chatting (I get it!)

These and more are all available when you're ready and willing, all you need to do is contact me and we can discuss anything you're interested in.

Until then, cheers for now!

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