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  • Helps increases muscle mass, strength, improves mental health, boosts energy and fertility
  • Relieves digestive discomfort
  • Supports collagen formation and health
  • Supports energy production
  • Rebuild and rebalances gut flora
  • All-in-one gut health rebuilder
  • Neutral earthy taste (no flavourings)  


About: This unique blend combines sustainably-sourced, pure, biondynamic ingredients for all-in-one gut health. 


We are proud to say The Gut Powder is Made in Australia + Australian Owned! 


Our team of health experts source each ingredient in The Gut Powder with great care and every ingredient is traditionally used to its stated purpose or have scientific evidence to support it.  


The Gut Powder is designed for men and men's common health complaints.  The 5 powders go in and rebalance the imbalances caused by 'living life!'


The problem was, women came to me about their gut issues and often would mention that their husbands/partners would have their own set of gut related issues too!  However men's health have its own set of driving issues and this is why we needed a different formula to women!  


So The Gut Powder FOR MEN was born!  Perfect to take with you wherever you go! All-in-one which takes the fuss out of taking it. 


Our inspiration for this formula is drawn from the power of plants!


The Gut Powder has NO ADDITIVES OF ANY KIND. No sweetners, no preservatives, no colours and each ingredients is gluten free (but may have traces of gluten so not recommended for celiacs) dairy free, vegan and low carb. 


 In my clinical experience, just about everyone has poor gut health and sadly we are confused to know where to start! I could never find a great gut powder that did all that I wanted it to do... So I made my own for YOU!


This powder is ideal to combine with a healthy diet and lifestyle to match! 


"Because your gut always needs support and healing, especially given the modern day lifestyle!" 



  • There are 5 powders in The Gut Powder FOR MEN all measured at therapeutic doses for optimum performance. 



    This ingredient is what makes The Gut Powder for men! Long used for men to help increase muscle and strength, improve mental health (especially stress related conditions e.g. anxiety and depression) boost energy and improve fertility.  Often low testosterone can cause these issues above and the Black Macca helps to rebalance this again! 


    This is a prebiotic natural plant food source from Chicory Root and it is also a soluable fibre.  The gut converts inulin into short-chain fatty acids, which nourish the colon cells. 


    This is a healing amino acid which we already have in our body (but often not enough!) It can boost immune cell activity in the gut, helping to prevent infection e.g. infection from too many non-beneficial gut bacteria and it fights the inflammation that this inflammatin causes.  

    Collagen Types 1 & 3:

    Collagen is something which depletes in all of us over time.  It makes up our skin, hair, nails and the health of our gut wall lining. It is very anti-aging!  So collagen helps to keep your outsides and your insides strong and repaired. 

    Aloe Vera Inner Leaf Extract:

    This is a new and improved ingredient we have added into the powder for an even better product!  Aloe Vera is renowned for its natural ability to help support the digestive system.  It has been traditionally used for more than 6000 years as a healing agent for our bodies, outside and inside.  Aloe contains antioxidants, vitamins and mineral galore!

    That's It! No fillers, no nasties and all natural sources of wonderful gut healing  ingredients that you may not have the benefit of in your diet normally. 

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