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The Complete Guide to The Gut Powder & How This Can Improve Your Digestive Health

What is a Gut Powder Supplement and Can it Really Improve Your Digestive Health?

After many years of private health consultations, it was evident there is a common thread with clients struggling with their gut health. It is also very common for us to feel overwhelmed and frustrated about how to find a solution!

The digestive issues were very similar and even though we are all individuals, there are certain therapeutic natural powders which have shown to be really beneficial for healthy digestion and a gut under stress. These powders when ingested daily, help to heal and balance our gut, allowing us to have fewer or no more symptoms and better overall health.

We all need to learn how to improve digestive health. Stress in the gut can be from many differing reasons such as food intolerances i.e. bloating from dairy, gluten or a poor diet; Mental stress e.g. a life trauma such as divorce, death or career issues, debt; Ongoing stress of raising a family and environmental stress such as ongoing contact with chemicals in our skincare and food, medications, pollution in the air and even fluoride in our water.

It tends to be a combination of these elements above, which we experience in modern life, causing a common pattern of poor gut health.

So I designed a Gut Powder to help people in the most simplest way. This tub of powder is a combination of natural plant based powders that you can ingest daily (in a glass of water or your favourite smoothie or juice) to help soothe an imbalanced gut and then help to heal the gut again, which may have become inflamed over time.

Gut health supplements are on every supermarket and pharmacy shelf these days and you can buy online too, however as a practitioner, I found it difficult to find a gut powder that had zero nasties and actually worked!

Many of these gut powders have added artificial sweeteners and preservatives which defeat the purpose and/ or are sourced from poor quality plant sources so are not the freshest.

What are the Best Supplements for Gut Health?

There's no such thing as the 'best' gut supplement, rather when you take a special combination together, one ingredient compliments and reinforces the action of the other ingredient, therefore creating a powerful force to help your gut.

This is how I created the formulation for The Gut Powder which has 5 pure ingredients - one designed for women's health and one for men's health. So instead of searching for what is the best supplement for our gut health, it really helps to focus on what is the best combination in its purest form.

What Are the Benefits of Taking a Gut Powder Supplement?

There are endless benefits of taking a gut powder supplement, from improved digestion and therefore better absorption of vitamins and minerals, which go onto improve your wellbeing, improvement or healing of other symptoms you may experience from another health issue, improving sleep and feeling happier with more energy.

Our gut is the cornerstone to our health after all and these benefits we can get from taking a gut powder supplement blend which is very exciting for anyone struggling with what to do and what to take AND The Gut Powder is so simple to use!

How to Choose the Best Product for You & Get Started

The question of choosing the best product for you, is why I brought our my own blend of gut powder, with the 6 ingredients helping with many different gut issues and digestive complaints.

The ingredients for the women's blend are PHGG (partially hydrolyzed guar gum) Inulin, L- Glutamine, Collagen Types 1 & 2 and Aloe Vera Inner Leaf. All of these in their purest form and are all wonderful for strengthening and healing your gut.

For the men's blend, I've added in Black Macca Powder which is wonderful for common health struggles for men, such as low testosterone, decrease muscle mass and strength, low energy and lowered fertility.

So instead of searching for which product you should take first, you can take a blend of products in one container which makes it easy and cost effective. You can buy The Gut Powder for both women and men here online and I will post this out to you anywhere in Australia.

What is A Gut Healing Diet and How Does it Help Heal the Body?

When you hear of a gut healing diet, this just means that there a certain foods that are good for your gut health and there are other foods that are shown to be not good for gut health.

This can be really overwhelming to decipher, so I've tried to make it as simple as I can for you by writing an eBook called The Gut Book which shows you how to follow a gut healing diet for your specific needs. This book goes perfectly with The Gut Powder for those who are serious about improving the gut health.

In the book, my food theory doesn't strictly adhere to any one diet protocol, but rather it takes the most effective bits from many different food disciplines such as the autoimmune diet, paleo diet, leaky gut protocol and paleo supplements and an anti inflammatory diet, to create something very effective and this allows YOU to have control over your own diet according to your own specific needs, likes and dislikes. No one likes to adhere to a strict diet plan after all (I know I'm done with these too!)

The Gut Book shows you the best foods for a healthy digestive system and healthy food options for your gut health and also helps you to improve your lifestyle and reduce stress at the same time.

So if you're struggling with your gut health (or general health) or know someone who is - share this blog post with them and feel free to come over to my website to check our how I can help you further.

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