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The Gut Book is an eBook which I have written listing the exact steps you need to take to help your gut health OR general health regardless of what the issue is!   


These steps are essentially my life's work (so far ;) many years working with my clients in private practice, helping them to navigate the complicated world of their own gut health and other health conditions (which many of stem from the gut!) 


I've designed thousands of personal health plans showing 'what to do' for each person to follow.  


The thing is, these health plans had a very common thread, even though each person is unique. There are 5 essential steps we need to take in order to improve our gut health and these will help everyone!   


Knowing what to do is difficult, but knowing how and when to do it, can be very overwhelming, so I wrote this book to list everything that you need to do, when trying to help your own gut health. 


It's very difficult to get good information out there, believe me I spent many years searching for what works for me and my family - the medical industry was zero help!   


So over the years I have condensed these steps into a easy guide, with each step building on the previous.  There is a food plan and fun support tools after each step to help keep you on track and inspired.  


Also, stress is a huge part of the gut health puzzle and If I'm going to help you with your gut, I need to help you with this!  Often we can not remove what is stressing us e.g. our job, divorce etc. but we CAN strengthen our tolerance to that stress. 


Let me show you how to do ALL of this in The Gut Book!  


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