Milk Kefir Grains will enable you to make your own daily milk kefir at home. These grains will last forever if you look after them and will give you a very inexpensive way to get healthy! They will also muliply, so you have an endless number of healthy gifts for friends and family too!!


If you are dairy intolerant, do not dismiss milk kefir, as it is the fermentation process which rids the milk of most of the lactose (the usual culprit for people with dairy issues.)


Kefir (meanig 'feel good' in Turkish)  is a highly probiotic 'runny yoghurt' consistency and taste (I call it yoghurt on steriods!!) 


Most people are needing a seriously good dose of probiotics in their diet every day and probiotics are best eaten as a food source. 


Kefir has been known to re-balance the gut flora and in turn rebalance many health issue 'off-shoots' from poor gut health, including skin issues such as eczema and acne, digestive issues, anxiety and stress issues, stubborn weight gain and many more health issues related to poor gut health. 


Milk kefir makes a delicious nutritious drink by itself, make into a 'kefir cheese' or use it as your smoothie base for a wonderful gut healthy smoothie.  Kefir is great for your dog and cat's health too!!   


* Due to the delicate nature of these grains, customers will need to  PM me after purchase to arrange pick up from my local clinic in Townsville, QLD 4810. NO SHIPPING AVAILABLE FOR THIS PRODUCT.


*The grains will be in a small bottle  and in a zip lock bag, previously frozen and it's fine to allow them to defrost over the day (easy to put into your handbag as it's in a zip lock bag.) Then they can be added to a cup of milk to make kefir when you get home.  


* HOW TO MAKE MILK KEFIR: Please see here by copy and pasting this link into your browser: -->

Milk Kefir Starter Grains