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1 Major Reason Why Women Suffer With Their Health

Did you know that your emotions play a huge part in physical health? So it makes sense that if you’re struggling with some aspect of your physical or mental health, you absolutely need to factor this in. 

Modern medicine won’t assist you with this, but you can learn about it and assist yourself.  Self help is the only path forward.

“Fear and anger are present in all disease” (Louise Hay.)

So if this is the case, what can we do about it?  If our health is not the way we want it to be, how do we go about sorting through all the icky emotional stuff that all of us have?  Sounds all too hard doesn’t it.  Actually most people will do anything but face up to their emotions!

Well read on… I’ll sift through the how to’s for you and hopefully it will help you make sense of some things in your own life, which in turn, will help your physical health too.  This is what I help people deal with in my private practice also… so I’ll give you some insider tips!

How Do Negative Emotions Affect Us Physically?

Negative emotions such as resentment, actually create a chemical reaction in our body which is a totally different chemical reaction to when we feel positive emotions. Resentment is known as the emotion of marriage.  Sad but true.

And we know for example that tears of joy are completely different to tears of sadness.

Biochemically speaking, if we don’t deal with emotional pain when it surfaces, it will come back to us over and over again in a more subconscious way.

Another Way To Look At PMS For Women

Women’s hormones highlight emotions at certain times. On average we women have around 480 to 500 periods in our life time, and some say we therefore have 480-500 opportunities to address our life, nutrition and needs!

You see, holistically speaking, PMS is a time when things like work, home life or relationships (which perhaps aren’t going right) or things that we need to ‘make space for’ are more highlighted! (You will know this from experience.)

Or if you’re on ‘The Pill’ maybe you won’t notice this and you miss out on your essential self.   This is not what nature intended for us.

Some women actually say that they wouldn’t have got a divorce ‘if’ they stayed on the pill! 

Because The Pill makes us very subdued and almost ‘bland’ in our emotions and we don’t feel our natural hormonal fluctuations like we should.  This can be a bad thing, a kind of ‘suppression of women’ in my view. Not to mention that The Pill can cause many other health problems also.

So instead of what conventional medicine wants us to do and that’s to ‘suppress our feelings of turbulence during PMS’ we should instead spend this time noticing what we need to address in our life over and over again.  A kind of continual ‘refinement’ of our life.  If we don’t, it will come back to bite us even more in menopause.

Every month, PMS gives us a kind of a magnifying glass for our life. 

The next phase in a woman’s life, Menopause, again is a time of magnification.  Some would say this magnification is much bigger IF we didn’t refine stuff as we go along in our 30’s and 40’s.  As estrogen rises (most cases too much) our progesterone becomes low usually, which makes women less calm. How many times have we heard this?

Estrogen & Progesterone Do A Dance With Our Health

Remember pregnant women have a truck load of progesterone which is what makes them so calm, but then it dwindles as we get older.   Menopause is a kind of a ‘Me’ time for a woman, where she’ll notice the things that she neglected to do for herself, or she won’t ‘put up’ with stuff, perhaps like she used to.  At this time, estrogen is high too, and women don’t have the calming affects of lots of progesterone like they did when they were younger.

So emotional toxicity over time, manifests into big issues such as arthritis, insomnia, cancer, depression and autoimmune diseases.  We are very much  ‘mind-body’ – We can see this with the simple example of when we get a big fright… we instantly feel it in the pit of our stomach.

So I want to tell you some ways you can release feelings of anger and fear so that you can make ‘this’ work for you, along with all the physical things that you’re trying to do right everyday for yourself, such as eating right and exercising.

How Do You Release From The Negative Emotions That Are Impacting Your Health?

As Dr Christiane Northrup says, “first thing you have to do is recognize anger from fear.”


Anger stems from fear or sadness always.  But it can show up in other ways and here’s some other words for it, which may make sense to you.

“I’m not angry” you may say, but in actual fact feel one of the following: Impatience, irritability, frustration, criticism or judgement of others, resentment, jealousy, bitterness and these are all fear based.


Fear can show up as muscle tension, jaw pain, anxiety, nervousness, worry, doubt, and so many other symptoms like headaches, feeling not good enough! Fear is actually the driver in what ever we do in our lives.

We go to work and make money for fear of not having enough money. We go to the doctor and take supplements for fear of getting sick.  We overprotect the kids, for fear that they will be unsafe or get hurt.  We micromanage our employees for fear of loosing control.

What Does Fear & Anger Do To Us?

When we hold onto fear and anger, they literally poison our body.  So we need to release our anger and fear to allow our body to function well again.

This is a process, not a single event, a bit like peeling the layers of an onion.  But we can consciously do it ourselves, a bit like cleansing ourselves.

Symptoms Of Suppressed Anger & Fear

You could feel fatigue, depression, blowing up over minor incidents, having a knot in your stomach, tightness in your throat, being judgemental of others, feeling like the need of excessive alcohol, eating, smoking or any other compulsive behaviour, physical pain in your muscles, tendons and joints, and another thing is feeling like you’re being drained by a narcissist in your life.

And I want to explain this narcissist thing further… because when you come across it again, you’ll remember what we talked about here.

So you’re sitting there with someone and you suddenly feel so tired, like you could fall asleep at the table. Literally fall into your coffee. You weren’t tired before.  And you feel like the life has been drained out of you.  Sound familiar?

And this means that you’re being drained by a self centered individual in your life, and this person could actually be close to you – perhaps in your family or a friend.  (I’m sorry, but I have to say this, it could save your health!)

So be aware of this happening is the best way to safeguard ‘feeling drained.’ Don’t indulge in their negativity.

Steps To Release Anger, Fear & Other Emotions

Firstly, you have to identify your emotion and where it comes from, so start to take stock.

Meditate a little bit, have a think about it and ask yourself “are there any stressful events of the past that are being triggered now?”  Why are you angry?  Take some time out when you’re angry – who do you need to forgive and remember –

Forgiveness doesn’t condone what someone did, it frees YOU! People get sick from resentment.  It’s like drinking poison and expecting the other person to get sick.  We are poisoning ourselves instead!

So what are you afraid of? Is your guard up because of what someone did in the past?

See if you can come up with a word that describes you emotion? There’s a great website which lists all the words associated with anger and fear.

Check these out (Here) and see which one is correct for how you’re feeling.  When you read through them, I want you to notice any physical sensation in your body, in you chest or tightness in your throat. If you feel this, write these words down.

Acknowledge the emotion behind the feeling.  AND acknowledge that that emotion signifies a need that hasn’t been met for you.  This is a real need for you! You need to have this met in order to move past this emotion.

Now put your hand on the part of your body where you feel the sensation. So maybe you could say to yourself “It feels awful here” touching maybe your chest or your tummy or your shoulder. You can kind of feel a ‘weirdness’ when you focus on the word that hits true for you.

Take responsibility for this emotion – not because you caused it – but because you’re going to be able to respond to it and heal it.

This gives you the power to release it.  These are your emotions.  You don’t need to blame anyone else and especially don’t blame yourself.

Simple Things You Can Do To Release Emotions Out Of Your Body

1. Focus on the body part where you feel the sensation (chest, hip tightness, tummy, shoulders, head are common places.)

2. Inhale through your nose

3. And exhale feeling this sensation leaving your body, and exhale with a big sigh to release this.

4. Do this a few times exhaling with a  ‘sigh’ which helps to release what you don’t need to from your body.

~ There are other ways you can release an emotion.  You can right down the story on a piece of paper and burn it.

~ Also a warm Epson salt bath, use essential oils and flower essences, all are a wonderful way to release emotions and you could do the breathing exercise above as you take this bath.

~ And you could ask for guidance too.  From whoever that may be from.  It could be that you just ask a beautiful tree!  Ask the sunrise or sunset.  It doesn’t have to be in a church!

Because reality is, if we knew how to release anger and sadness, we would have done it by now yes?  If these emotions have gone into our body, it’s because we didn’t know how to release it or we were never given permission, or more likely, we’re still running much of our life from our ‘inner child.’ (we all have one!)

Sounds weird but we’ve all got an inner child, it’s that part of us (often very hidden by now) that finds delight in childish things and who gets hurt easily.  We need to be kind to this part of ourselves and heal past hurts.

Make Sure You Celebrate The Little Wins and The Big Wins!

“Un-acknowledged good, turns to ash!’

So when things are going well, notice it, celebrate it, make sure there’s more and more of it. Don’t just move onto the next thing in your life too quickly, that you neglect to celebrate the little things going well in your life.  Reflect often. Build up a big bag of good feelings!

Lastly, you need to shift your vibration and energy to give yourself more of what you need.  More self love, not self loathing.  The only person who can do this is YOU!

Try using some of these tips to release negative emotions.  This will give you more faith which will replace the underlying and hidden fear and anger or sadness that you had before. Faith and hope are good things to feel right?

And Be Careful Not To Bond With Family Over ‘The Negative!’

Another thing – Many people feel that they’re only accepted in their families if they match the ‘lower and slower’ vibration of that group.  So work out how you can have a high vibration without necessarily leaving the tribe!

Perhaps you’re going to have to find an extra community that supports your higher vibration and the newer ‘you!’ Get your inspiration and support from this community.  Do anything for happiness and peace in your life at this stage.

So don’t bond over ‘isn’t it awful!’ Just notice that, because it’s bad for your long term health.

Be careful not to use ‘illness’ as your main way of bonding, as this is really dangerous for your health over time.

Have you noticed that elderly people do this with their friends or people the same age?  All they talk about are there health issues?

This is not good for their mental health as it’s feeding negativity – the very thing that is held within our physical bodies if we’re not careful, making our health worse!

So! If all of this resonates with you, then I thrilled to have helped you.

If you’d like more help and support over time with this kind of thing, join my program Empowered Women’s Health (EWH.)  Coming soon, where I’ll  show you that achieving health is far easier than you were taught to believe!  Go here for more information and help. 

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