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1 Way You Can Have An Easier Life

Meditation is our ‘It’ tool, to cope with our lives more easily.  It’s so common to think that meditation is forcing our mind to be quiet… BUT it’s actually the other way around.

All we need to do is find the quiet that’s ALREADY there!

Meditation is mainstream now.   There’s no more weird looks… it’s here to stay thank goodness, as it’s an extremely practical way to quieten our mind.

If we haven’t got ourselves into meditation yet, it’s almost like saying we don’t love getting a good night’s sleep!  Daily meditation is that beneficial!

The thing is though, if we’ve never done in any form of meditation, we won’t know how GOOD we could actually feel, both mentally and physically. It’s one of those things… if we keep doing what we’ve always done, we keep getting what we’ve always got” (my all time fav quote.)

So if  we’re feeling stressed about even ‘the little things’ have digestion that’s ‘all over the place’ and losing weight is getting harder, meditation could be your answer (especially if your diet has been suitably tweaked.)

Because it’s the ‘stress’ that’s preventing us from moving ahead, and the only way we can successfully deal with stress is through meditation.  Hands down!

Negative emotions that control us, such as anger, fear, doubt, shame or general anxiety, actually create chemical toxins in us (stress hormones) and these have been linked to many different diseases.

It isn’t possible to ‘purify’ our minds by thinking about it.  For example if we’re angry about what someone said, our ‘angry’ mind can’t stop its own anger, or if we fear something in our lives like debt, divorce or our family’s safety, this ‘fearful’ mind can’t conquer it’s own fear.  So we need to get our minds, to go beyond these superficial emotions, in order to become ‘unstuck’ from these feelings.

We need to do this for our health.  We don’t want these stress toxins consistently circulating through our bodies… where it begins to feel ‘normal.’

We all have the ‘quiet bit’ in our minds, however at first it’s tricky to find, depending on the amount of stress and internal ‘chatter.’  That’s why meditation gets easier after a while, because we know where to go to find the ‘quiet bit.’

And if you think that you ‘can’t’ meditate because you can’t stop thinking, then you need to do it even more!

Sleep is not meditation like some believe, as we are unconscious when we sleep.  Meditation is about remaining conscious whilst finding our ‘quiet bit’ and staying there for as long as we can.  (they call it ‘the silence of the mind.’)

We might be able to get our ‘quiet bit’ for 1 second, but then the more we practice (like anything) the more we can grow that out to 5 seconds, 5 minutes and so on.  Once we get to this point, this is where it will have some profound effects on our mental and physical health.

Next week, I’ll give you a simple meditation to do at home.  I think it’s common that we don’t know where to start with meditation!   Should we go to a class? buy a book? download an app? Yes these are all great ways, but I think it may be helpful if I just jot down some steps for you in this blog, so that you can just make a start.

For this week, you could start by just spending 1 minute every day focusing on your breathing.  Breathe in for 5 counts (hold for 1/2 sec) and breathe out for 5 counts (hold for 1/2 sec.)  Do no more and no less 🙂

There will be heaps of ‘how to’ steps and meditations inside Empowered Women’s Health (Coming Soon) so sign up here to get in at a ridiculous lifetime rate!

Hope this helps you!

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