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10 Ways To Thrive… New Steps Forward In Our Health

What if there’s a way we could take all the sickness that seems to be overtaking the world and turn it around, so that WE have control of our own wellbeing?

Do we have to fall into dis-ease almost by accident?

“Our chief aim every day should be to maximise positive input and minimise negative input.”  These are the simple words of Professor of Neurology at Harvard – Rudolph E Tanzi… and I’m thinking this guy would have seen and done enough to know a thing or two about our brains and our health.

We are badly in need of a new model for wellbeing.  Most of us segment our lives into work, leisure, and family.  Little time is left for self care.  Yet caring for ourself today is exactly what determines our quality of life in the future.

True self-care embraces our entire life.  Taking charge of our own wellbeing reaches into every corner because it has to.  Our brain processes every experience, physical, mental and spiritual as input.

So what does negative ‘input’ do to us over time?

Disturb overall balance, leading to inflammation. Moves erratically through the body, obstructed by chronic stress and the toxic debris of negative input from the past. Reinforces old neural pathways, making it much harder to break bad habits.  Contributes to abnormal cell function, including precancerous abnormalities.  Weakens the immune system, impairing resistance to disease.  Contributes to premature ageing.  Create a general sense of dullness, discomfort and dis-ease – all of this the opposite to wellbeing.

That is not a pretty picture I must admit.  These guys (Rudolph Tanzi and Deepak Chopra – I’ll just refer to them as ‘the guys’) talk about ‘Quantum Healing’ as being the opposite of this and the way forward with our ‘sickness industry.’

They talk about the 10 Keys to Self-Care to turn our wellbeing around and these are…

1. Making happiness a high priority vs. coasting along with our present sate of happiness and unhappiness.

2. Making sure our life has purpose and meaning vs. focusing on daily practicalities, even those that seem routine and meaningless.

3. Living according to a high vision vs. living for externals like a better jobs, more money, a bigger house, etc.

4. Expanding our awareness in every decade of life vs. viewing youth as the peak of life and old age as a dwindling decline.

5. Devoting time and attention to personal growth vs. staying the same as we always are and feeling proud about it.

6. Following the right diet for us and physical activity vs. eating a diet high in sugar and processed foods.

7. Allowing our brain to reset by having downtime several times a day vs. working our brain to the point of exhaustion before allowing ourselves a break.

8. Getting to know our inner world through meditation and reflection vs. avoiding what we really feel and fearing what we might find if we dared look inside.

9. Practicing gratitude and appreciation vs. grabbing as much as we an for ourselves.

10. Learning how to love and be loved vs. leaving romance behind in the  past and not learning to love ourselves.

As you can see, self-care goes far beyond eating our vegetables and signing up for the gym.  It amounts to a new model for success and happiness, a model that abundant medical evidence supports.

In a world where massive attention is given to the next fad diet, the gym-honed body, and the beauty of youth, the truth is that a shift of consciousness produces far great results.

Getting people to turn ‘inward’ is an important aspect in addressing our health, but we have to know why.

The ‘Why’ is what I want to share with you in the next week’s post about the work of these two great men Rudolph Tanzi and Deepak Chopra who have pulled apart so many aspects of the medical industry, health, healing and neurology and explain why Quantum Healing is the way forward for us.

Subscribe to this blog, share it and stay tuned to hear more about their amazing findings and the step by step processes that we can all do to ‘get the edge’ in our lives.

Meanwhile, If you have any questions on your personal situation, head over to the Nutrition For Life Community and ask me question. Just ask to join first.  I am only to happy to help you.

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