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3 Easy Ways to Fix Stress Now!

Energy is hard thing to maintain for the whole day isn’t it!?

If we wake up feeling UN-refreshed, this can continue for the rest of the day and make us feel like doing…well not much at all!

How do we break out of this unwanted feeling?

Here’s 3 ways:

1.Bellows Breath

Sit down on a chair with spine straight. Imagine you’re blowing a bit of dust out of your nose by sharply pulling in on the abdomen and at the same time blowing air out of your nose sharply! Keep exhaling until your lungs are totally empty.

Then, relax and a natural inhale will occur.

Repeat this 22 times (or as many as you can) and then rest.

Feel the difference in you energy and alertness.

2. If you’re ready to eat, make yourself a bowl of this smile emoticon

~Fermented Power Salad~


Mixed lettuce Cucumber Avocado Green apple Sauerkraut Red onion Goats cheese Roast turkey or chicken

Drizzle everything with olive oil, a little apple cider vinegar and enjoy!

This alkalizing salad is full of amazing gut friendly enzymes, it has the perfect amount of good oils from the avocado and olive oil, sweet satisfaction from the pre-biotic green apple, sour from the sauerkraut and apple cider vinegar AND Tryptophan and B vitamins from the turkey or chicken… which are great for your mood smile emoticon

3. Downward Facing Dog. This yoga pose is easy to do and is a great way to ‘change it up’ and get yourself re-energized by pushing the blood flow to your brain. Hold this pose for as long as you’re enjoying it.

Hope this helps!

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