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6 Reasons To Eat Sourdough Bread – Yum!

Bread can be a touchy subject… most of us love it, but it doesn’t always do us good!

And for many, soon as we think of gluten free bread, there is the all to common rolling of the eyes!

We’ve certainly heard of reasons why we shouldn’t eat slice after slice of ordinary bread, but have you ever thought of sourdough being your alternative?

This is where it can get a little bit exciting if you like sourdough bread!!

While there are truths in bread bashing due to reasons like gluten sensitivities and weight gain, sourdough could be a game changer for some.

Homemade sourdough (one of the most original forms of ancient leavened breads) made from your own Starter will have wild yeast and good bacteria which make it a very gut friendly bread.

Here’s 6 reasons why sourdough is so good for us:

1. Sourdough is a fermented bread and is lower GI than most breads which means it doesn’t spike the blood sugar as much.

2. It has the bacteria Lactobacillus which is a good gut bacteria, so it will actually be working as a probiotic for you.

3. The predigested starches in the grains is easier on your digestion.

4. Sourdough preparation is more lengthy and this longer prep time results in the protein gluten being broken down into amino acids.  It is often fine for those with gluten sensitivity.

5. Sourdough naturally preserves itself, with the naturally occurring Acetic Acid (which stops mold growth.)  So, it naturally preserves itself without the need for nasty preservatives.

6. It has heaps more nutrients such as B1-B6, B12, folate, thiamin, niacin, riboflavin, vitamin E, selenium, iron, manganese, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and potassium.  Unlike other processed breads which only have a fraction of these because of the processing.

Lastly the distinct tangy flavour of sourdough is sooo good and the perfect compliment to a poached egg and avo for breakfast!

So if you feel like you’re sensitive to gluten but you’re dearly missing some real bread, try sourdough and see if you can tolerate it.  Some people can and some people can’t and will need to stick to the gluten free bread, but it’s definitely worth considering.

Hope this helps!

P.S.  If there’s anyone in your life (friend, family, employee) who feels they want to do better with their health, please share this post. It might be the fresh perspective they need to feel better.

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