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A Checklist for Troubleshooting Your Health

Use this checklist to narrow down where you need to focus on right now, so that you can feel your ultimate self!

This will help you see clearly what you’ve nailed, what you need to improve on and what you need to seek advice about:

So celebrate the Yes’s you give yourself mentally when you scan down the list, and take note of the No’s.

(Please help by sharing this with your family and friends also)


  1. I eat seafood at least 3 times/week

  2. I eat large portions of vegetables

  3. I eat a rainbow

  4. I eat green foods (leafy veg) with most meals

  5. I avoid high sugar foods and know about the names of hidden sugars

  6. My blood sugar levels are balanced

  7. I eat until I’m 80% full and I don’t feel like I over-eat

  8. I eat good quality fats (avocado, olive oil, salmon, walnuts)

  9. I eat a variety of foods every day (not just the same day in day out)

  10. I eat probiotic foods with nearly every meal

  11. I drink plenty of water through the day

  12. I eat a whole food diet and avoid processed foods

  13. I avoid foods that I suspect are causing me reactions e.g. bloating, digestive issues, no energy, feeling hot, restless sleep.


  1. I take time to sit and enjoy meals

  2. I chew my food well

  3. I focus on my food and the people whom I’m eating with

  4. I don’t rush to the next job immediately after eating

  5. I don’t eat when I’m upset or angry

  6. I don’t drink liquids with my meals

  7. I take a digestive enzyme (supplements) with my meal (if appropriate)

  8. I feel my digestion is good and I don’t have any issues


  1. I get 8 hours of good sleep every night

  2. I take naps when I’m lacking sleep

  3. I dim the lights in the evening (to kick start my sleep hormones)

  4. I spend time outside every day

  5. I sleep in a cool, quiet, dark room with no digital alarm clock

  6. I have a general routine during the day with my activity and meals

  7. I usually wake up in the morning feeling refreshed


  1. I do some form of exercise every day (walk, jog, sport)

  2. I avoid sitting for prolonged times during the day

  3. If my work is at a computer, I use a stand-up computer tower

  4. I do yoga/pilates and meditation regularly

  5. I avoid excessive strenuous exercise

  6. I allow my body to rest after any strenuous exercise


  1. I continually work to decrease stress in my life

  2. I say no when I need to

  3. I ask for help and accept it

  4. I am working to increase my resilience to stress

  5. I include something fun everyday

  6. I do an activity for intellectual exercise every day e.g. cross word puzzle

  7. I do mindful meditation every day

  8. I walk in nature every day

  9. I make sure I connect socially every day with people whom I like

  10. I don’t shallow breathe


  1. I have been assessed for food intolerance’s and allergies

  2. My thyroid levels have been checked

  3. My cortisol levels (stress levels) have been checked

  4. I know about adrenal fatigue and have checked for this

  5. I have addressed any persistent infections

  6. I have been tested for heavy metals

  7. I have addressed SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth)

  8. I regularly assess which medications and supplements are necessary

  9. I have addressed hormonal imbalances

  10. I am undergoing appropriate treatment to support my health


  1. I am eating foods rich in vitamins or minerals that I have a diagnosed deficiency in

  2. I am taking the correct supplements for any specific micro-nutrient deficiency

  3. I am taking digestive-support supplements (if needed)

  4. I am taking a probiotic supplement and eating fermented foods

  5. I change my probiotic supplement strains regularly to increase diversity

  6. I am avoiding any supplements that might be working against me

  7. I have assessed if I need to take any organ-function support or immune modulating supplements (if needed)

So by now, you’ll have a good idea of where you’re good and where you’re not and may need to fine tune a few things.

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I hope this has helped you 🙂

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