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A Gift For You This Week – Making Life Easier!

I can’t wait to share with you what the grandmother of holistic health and TRUTH – Dr Christiane Northrup has to say (below) about women’s emotional and physical health and how to make your life easier.  She’s tells it straight!

As you know, I specialize in Women’s Health in my Nutritional Medicine practice and I’m constantly fascinated and chasing what’s really going on with women’s health these days. Sifting through all the  ‘health information lies’ and brainwashing is a mammoth task!

Sadly everyone is craving the truth! Not some manipulated biased version of the truth, to line the pockets of our industry. Women are needing to know about the real causes and treatments for their health, that actually serve long term health and happiness and not just push down symptoms, misery and create self loathing.

What are women really putting up with in their lives, their struggles, frustrations and how about how all that conditioning we go through as a child (by our parents, schooling and society) which can often hold us back in adult hood?

We are molded into a lot of ‘shoulds’ and our natural fiery spirit is pushed down into a faint ember (or cold coal) by a concoction of artificial hormonal medication. Yet another way we are controlled to ‘toe the line.’

We doubt ourselves, we don’t feel good enough and how about that negative self talk constantly in the background, telling us we can’t do something or that it won’t work.

Life can be different!

Control of the masses has never been so true as it is right now, with things like the media scare tactics on the flu injection, fake news, Hormone Replacement Therapy, the contraceptive pill – all of which are designed to control us.

It’s very difficult when society’s conditioning has taught us to believe this, and it takes enormous strength, education and a good dash of rebellion to climb above it!  But you can most definitely climb over it and feel so free, because you learn to recognize the BS from the truth in a millisecond!

Following amazing women like Christiane Northrup is such a blessing (thank you internet!!) because we now have access to truth and I want to make sure you do too!

We have access to some of the best teachers and mentors in the world, and these people are forming a powerful army throughout the world against the hidden brainwashing that’s going on by society heavyweights (government, the medical industry, pharmaceutical industry and the bad processed food industry.)

So let’s get into learning about ‘real health’ and more specifically women’s health! We are such complicated beings, and can never have any true success with our health, unless we address our emotional health and beliefs AS WELL.

There is no quick fix.  There is only nature.

Soon I’ll be introducing you to my baby – Empowered Women’s Health (EWH) which is (may I say an amazing program) I’ve designed to incorporate all of this good stuff, so that women can learn to achieve their ULTIMATE NATURAL health, and free themselves from control of the masses.  We only need self control in this life, not to be controlled!

This gorgeous video below is a MUST WATCH (or listen) for all women who are still reading this 😉  I think it will really resonate with you (it did for me) and you may even have multiple Ahah moments for your own life!!

(Please share this post to help the women in your life too 🙂


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