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Are We Set To Fail?

The number 1 reason we don’t get to where we want with our health, is due to lack of support and guidance!  It’s not so much ‘the diet’ it’s that we forget why we are doing what we’re doing.

Tell me this isn’t true!  We get all excited with ‘our new plan’ of action for our health.  We buy the supplements, we go shopping for the food and we go to bed that night, fully resolved that in the morning, we are going to start!  It can’t be that hard right?

Then, somewhere along the way, a couple of weeks in, after the excitement has worn off, and we spend a bit more time living in a society that is ready to tempt us at every corner, we begin to wonder what the hell are we doing… and do we really need to it anyway?  Are we just being over dramatic and making our life complicated?  Do we really feel that bad?  Isn’t it normal to feel the way we do?  The doctor says it’s just ‘part of aging.’

So as time goes by, we also run out of the supplements and just haven’t had time to get anymore.  How expensive are they anyway!

A couple of weeks later, it’s hard to remember why we started this health kick in the first place.  Yes we may still feel ‘not so great’ but maybe this is all just a big waste of time (and money!)

So what’s wrong with us? I don’t think there’s anything wrong, WE’RE JUST HUMAN 🙂

So instead of trying to fight this natural sequence of events (there’s no point unless we’re superwoman) then perhaps what we need, is a place ‘to be’ that enables us to ‘want’ to stick with it all the time. A place that reinforces our good choices so that it all becomes second nature.  So that we crave it all the time!

If you lived full time at a health retreat, do you think it would be easier to stick to?  It would just become your life wouldn’t it?  If everyone around was doing the same healthy lifestyle thing, the food was always nutritious and the surrounds were always peaceful, it wouldn’t be hard at all would it?

So this is the issue I’ve found in private practice.  If I wasn’t living and breathing this stuff through my career, I would definitely forget my end game and go off track with my health.  As life goes on, and priorities come and go, our health can very much become an after thought.

So this is why I’ve built Empowered Women’s Health.  It’s not so much the information is ground breaking… it’s not!  It is certainly a process that works though, and if you continue through the process for a length of time it’s going to get you healing, reversing your symptoms and feeling like you should feel in life!

But I think in this day and age, we’re living with more temptations and reasons ‘why’ we shouldn’t bother.  We’re craving the continuous support and a place that serves our needs and the ebb and flow of our motivations and a place that makes us feel good about ourselves in the process.

Who want’s to feel guilty anymore? Motivation and success have never come from a place of guilt I know that for sure.  We’ve felt to much guilt already!  Instead motivation and really getting to a good place within ourselves both physically and mentally comes when we feel understood and supported.

So if you’re feeling like a fresh change, then I love to invite you to check out my version of a  ‘full time health retreat!’  You can have all of this inside my latest ‘work’ made for YOU to seek solace with your health. READ MORE HERE and I hope you can join me.

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