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As A Woman… What Do You Need To Feel Healthy?

Ignorance is bliss?  Or does ignorance allow for a silent perfect storm to whirl around inside us until BOOM!… Our health takes a sudden nose dive!

The thing is with our health, there’s nothing sudden about it.  Imbalances, mismatched signals between our gut and brain, silent inflammation, hormonal imbalance, ongoing stress, are just a few ways which are our health can steer off course (and the scary part is we often don’t notice a thing!)

We don’t notice the signals because we were never taught about them.

But before I tell you about something BIG that I’ve been working on just for you, I need to tell you how this came about. 

Unfortunately, for many of us, it’s not until we hit our 30’s or 40’s that we begin to feel the symptoms from a silent storm within us.

And then it takes a health detective to work out what’s causing the symptoms, but often that ‘ health detective’ is not a very good one and will leave us feeling frustrated and fearful of what’s to become of our health.

This is a scary place to be, in our lives… when we have increasing health symptoms e.g. gut issues, weight gain, anxiety, hormonal issues (and the list goes on) but there’s no one to really help us to make sense of it all and put the pieces back together again.

How do we deal with it PLUS our daily life,  caring for family and our never ending work load?

Once our health deteriorates it will take a pretty strong person to stick to a health plan to resolve the cause of these health problems.

It’s certainly much harder to fix, than to prevent! As a practitioner, my work has become about ‘fixing’ the health problems, however due to the need, I’ve needed to refocus my work on teaching people ‘how and what’ to prevent health problems in the first place.

If, we are taught the HOW and WHAT to look out for (the tiny signals and indicators) before there’s too much damage, how much easier would our lives be?

To be able to live our lives feeling great (not just OK) would be the best feeling in the world don’t you think?

We’re conditioned as a society to live in our bodies, oblivious to our internal health, perhaps see the doctor annually for some antibiotics for a cold that’s not clearing up or another kind of infection and basically get on with our lives.

But let’s re-condition ourselves from being ‘oblivious’ to being ‘in control’ of our own health.

The whole system is a big frustration for me as a health practitioner and I’ll tell you why.

I see women (and men) face-to-face in consultation. We discuss common problems, similar fears, frustrations and solutions and it’s the best feeling in the world to be able to help someone to get their health back! (It does take work on their behalf though.)

However with every person I help, there’s thousands of women out there who are desperately needing answers and solutions for their health, who either haven’t reached that place in themselves yet, where they recognize they need help, or who are struggling to work out what’s wrong with them but can’t find the answers (or the support.)

So with this in mind, I’m excited to tell you about my brand new project.  Over the last few months, I’ve been pouring all my energies into building a resource to help with this massive ‘lack’ for women today.

Empowered Women’s Health is a brand new beautiful space… a place where women can go (online) for easy, step-by-step, hand-holding (if you want) guidance and support, so that you can be in control of your healthiest life.  Think of this as an ‘online health retreat.’  Away from the exhausting information overload, the frustrating medical solutions (and lack there of) and the feeling of being ‘the only one’ when we’re dealing with different annoying health problems that only seem to get worse!

After speaking with many women about what they want to have in this space, they tell me it MUST be easy and get results… otherwise why bother!

I totally get this!  These women are telling me they’re frustrated as hell about their own health, and even more frustrated when they aren’t getting the right answers. They’re frustrated about even sometimes not being told ‘the whole truth’ about what’s REALLY going on with their health, for fear of upsetting some of ‘the spin offs’ generated through our health industry.

So as you can imagine, in Empowered Women’s Health, I can help more women with their health.  I will still be doing one-on-one consultations for now, but my larger focus will be on giving everything I have (like in a private consultation) inside this online space for women.

As we know, it’s all very well to have a consultation, but we’re all guilty of forgetting what’s been said (and why) and slowly going back to our old ways again.

Think of this space as the one constant in your life 24/7!

And the beauty with it being online is no matter if you’re a city woman or a country woman, we’ll all have access ‘to help’ and our god given right to be healthy!

So that I can let you know when I’ll be launching Empowered Women’s Health and you can get the benefits of being special ‘pioneer members’ sign up to my mailing list here and you’ll be the first to know!  I promise you’ll love it… because it’s built by women for women 🙂

Until next week,

Johanna xo

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