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Can’t Seem To Lose Weight?

Have you ever noticed that as you get older, it’s harder to remain an ideal weight? 

It’s common for us to do what we ‘usually’ do through our life, but we feel that lately, it’s just not working and we’re actually putting on weight, little by little every year. Arghh!

We could be exercising nearly every day too and feel like we should be a lot leaner given the amount of work we put in!

Or… it could be that we ‘used’ to be able to get away with eating a lot, and/or not always great choices, But now when we do it, we put on weight over a weekend!

This is REALLY common, it’s almost the way we roll as we get older… or so we’re told.  But what I really want to tell you is that it there is way more that we can do, to find out what has been holding our weight loss efforts back.

You see, we are conditioned (by society) to think that if we want to lose weight, we just need to eat less, eat better and exercise more.  BUT as you may know, it’s not always that simple and certainly ain’t easy!  In fact it’s rarely that simple for many of us.


The reason is that as we get older, if we’re not ‘onto’ our health, we’ll go off balance over time, because of all the ‘little’ things that we do that aren’t good for us.  Sadly, we aren’t warned about this.

So it’s about…

  1.   What we ate/did in our 20’s doesn’t sustain our health now, like it used to then.

  2. As time goes by, we accumulate massive amounts of stress (if we’re not careful.) E.g. Usually women will go through 15 + years of concentrated ‘family raising.’  Marriage, babies, toddlers, schooling, and every thing else takes it’s toll!  Women are so busy they then go into ‘self-less’ mode and forget to look after THEIR own needs.

  3. So therefore we’re time poor. Our food choices and time for exercises can deteriorate big time.

  4. We can’t seem to get ‘the right’ information about our own health needs.  There’s a great disconnect in what’s good for us and our individual health situation AND what’s good for the pharmaceutical industry.  E.g. We aren’t told what I’m about to tell you in your FREE download below.  We’re told only the tip of the iceberg about what we really need to know to manage our own health.  So we usually put our health in the hands of others, and then we automatically go into ‘the medical system.’  This is not empowering at all!

So many people would say ‘yes’ to all of the above reasons!  And then the outcome is our health ‘loses it’s way.’  Our bodily systems get thrown out of balance and remain so.

These imbalances that I’m talking about are the major reasons WHY we then can’t lose the weight like we used to. These things are also why we then end up visiting our doctor and then he/she prescribes medications to ‘turn down’ the symptoms.  But this doesn’t sort out the ‘why’ of the problem.


There are 5 really big common reasons WHY we can’t lose weight like we used to.  And no amount of diet or exercise will work, if we don’t check these out for ourselves and then treat them in a laser focused way.

This will tell you all you need to know, so that YOU can take control of your own health!

Please share this post if you know someone who you think this can help.  We need to be spreading the word and helping each other out.

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