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Changing Just Your Diet Won’t Work

This may sound strange coming from a nutritionist, however if you’ve ever worked with me, you know that food is just one part of the puzzle in someone’s health. 

This is the new frontier. The idea that we are born with certain genes, but it’s our lifestyle and environment, that shape which genes (good or bad) are turned on or switched off. Called Epigenetics, this is the fascinating way we should all be addressing our health.

And it’s wonderful news!  This means that we have control over our health and what happens to us to a much greater extent than we were ever led to believe.

My mission is to invite you also to teach your children about this and help spread the word as much as you can.  Our health should be our top priority, because if it isn’t, we’re going to have a difficult life and so too are our own families, who’ll witness our struggles, and feel hopeless that they can’t help.

when we feel better, we live more

So much of family and relationship disharmony can actually stem from us simply not feeling good.  We’re putting the wrong things into our bodies, such as too much alcohol; drugs, processed foods and we’re not sleeping well! These kind of body ‘assaults’ are in turn creating hormonal imbalances, which happen to make us moody and irrational.  This then goes onto create tension at home and makes us very difficult to be around.  So we can see that spending time and resources on ourselves is far from selfish.  It’s critical to the peace of everyone involved in our lives.

Currently, when we feel bad in our health, we’ll often resort to medication FIRST – Without looking for the source of what’s causing us to feel bad in our day to day lives.

As a clinical nutritionist, I’m the first person to tell you that food is very important.  But it’s not the only thing.  There are other parts of life that are just as important. Call then ‘pillars of health’ perhaps.

Some people may have a pretty good diet, but they’re watching Netflix till midnight and only sleeping 6 hours per night. This is going to disturb their hormonal balance and give them carb/sugar cravings because of it. Proper sleep is such a huge part of the puzzle.

so, what’s your personal health threshold?

What I mean is this:  Say you were born in perfect health.  We’ve all got a kind of a health threshold, where our body and mind cope with heaps of ‘assaults’ over our lives – up to a certain point.

These assaults may be things like a traumatic or stressful childhood, a marriage breakup, a poor diet, a tragedy, lack of exercise, we may hate our job or we’re allowing stress to build up without doing anything about it.  So all of these types of things which commonly happen in our lives, build up and accumulate over time until we reach our health threshold.

We might say, “everything was going fine, and then I changed my job or moved cities and that’s when I came down with an xyz” (usually an autoimmune disease!)

This is when we get sick.  An illness of some kind, or lots of health issues all together. 

If I go into people’s history in a consultation, I can see that things have been far from fine! Human beings are very resilient but only up to a point.  We can find that last stress that pushed us over our threshold into disease or poor health, but to remedy it, it’s not about removing just that last stress, it’s about going right back to basics and building from ground zero again.  (Hmm no quick fixes I’m afraid.) 

getting your health right is not about looking for that 1 thing!

And this is where we fail to fix our health – by looking for just 1 thing.  We might change our diet, but not change our stress load, or we might exercise everyday religiously, but we still use toxic makeups, shampoos and deodorants, or take sport supplements (loaded with nasties) or use too many household chemicals trying to have ‘good hygiene’ when really this ‘life sterilization’ is killing our good bugs that make up our body’s healthy ecosystem.

We need to smash down the building that is our current lifestyle, and rebuild it again using foods, lifestyle habits and personalized strategies that are right and unique for us.   

This is difficult I know, especially in a society where as soon as we walk out of the door in the morning we’re bombarded with temptations.  We line up for a coffee and there’s muffins and croissants sitting on the counter, we go and fuel up the car and there’s chocolates and chips pushed on us in ‘a deal.’

The frustration of all of this AND what it’s doing to our health as a society… is MAMMOTH!

Just chatting to a specialist friend today, he says that in our local hospital in Townsville, they can’t fit anymore heart test appointments in, as they are just too busy! So they’ve had to outsource heart echo-cardiograms to other places.

What does this say about our current need for radical change in health strategy?

the deal –  I’ll show you what and how to get yourself better

I’ll show YOU and help you with your health, but providing that you share this with your children and the rest of your family and friends too.  This is the only way we can change all of this, by working together and helping others too.

I have just completed a 2 year project, to build women an subscription health resource where I show you what to do to get in control of your health.  I’ve called it Empowered Women’s Health or (EWH) and it’s designed to empower you in your health, well-being and ultimately your happiness.

I’m shortly releasing EWH to my special email list FIRST, so I invite you to get on this list so that you can take advantage of the best price, offer and bonuses.  Later, I’ll release it to the public, but it won’t probably be the same deal as demand exceeds supply (my time!)

So click here and put your name down on this email list so you can be in the know about EWH over the next few days.

Any questions, just comment under this post below 🙂

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