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Climbing Above Your Self Limitations

Our mind can be an amazing tool which we can use to create the life we want.  OR it can be incredibly self limiting, paralyzing us with fear at our every turn. 

Which one is it for you?  Bit of both?

Imagine if you could just increase the use of your mind ‘for good’ by say 20%!  What differences could you make for your life? What road blocks would suddenly disappear?

What bigger picture view would you have for your life, if you were able to claw your way out of the trenches of self limiting behaviors and really go for what you wanted at top level?

As a clinical  nutritionist, I am working with people and their health struggles every single day!  And there’s not a day that doesn’t go by, I don’t hear someone tell me that ‘they try to do the right thing, by eating right etc. but they have a lot of trouble!’

They could be talking about a change that they are trying to stick to such as dietary, or trying to stick to a better lifestyle, or even trying to escape from the clutches of stress that is actually ruining their health over a period of time.

But sure enough, most of us fall back into our old habits which got us to the point ‘of lack’ in the first place.

Our mind even play tricks on us by telling us stories, so that we don’t ever try to change our conditioning and habits for whatever reason.

Well I’d love you to watch or listen to the video below and tell me how much sense it makes to you?

We as a society, should be listening to more of this kind of stuff – rather than the external news, media and a society ‘messaging’ hell bent on controlling and limiting our real potential. 

I hear people say they’re ‘amazed’ at how just food alone, can make any real difference to their health! But what else is there more powerful than food? 

How did we come to believe that food is like a second rate influence on our health, when compared with medications and surgery?

Food is ‘information’ to our body. 

Food is constant, daily information from the time we were conceived, to the time we die.  Food determines our gene activity (which genes are switched on and off) it determines our body environment and health, our mental health and actually rules the next generation’s health too (as we have children, our genes, our health imbalances and health conditions, are past on the the next generations.)

So, tell me what’s more important to your body than food?

Is your interest sparked by this conversation? Mine certainly was, as I listened to the video below whilst in my car!

As time goes by, I incorporate much of this kind of research into my private clinic for my clients and also into my new Online Program, Gut School.

Here, I endeavor to educate and inspire as many women as possible to really see the potential for themselves.  It’s about real empowerment in our health and our lives, so we never feel like we’re sitting on the sidelines of life.  Click Here to check more out on this.

Let’s not look back on this year and it’s exactly the same as last year!  Let’s make big inroads into our health and our lives!!

An incredible video where you’ll have plenty of ‘ahah’ moments for yourself (I hope!)

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