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Depression – The 3 Causes We Overlook

Our body is screaming out to be heard, not to be put in the naughty corner and ignored by antidepressants. 

Depression is such a very big topic and there are two schools of thought on how we can treat it.  Depression is also on the rise alongside the rise of processed foods, stress and sedentary lifestyle – So we can kinda see the link here can’t we?

People grossly underestimate the power of natural health. Depression is a condition of our increased paced western living, so it would make sense to reverse ‘the pace and quality’ of our modern living, if we want to treat depression.

Did you know that food in-tolerances and imbalanced gut health could be enough to cause depression? Did you also know that low thyroid could cause depression?

My point is, be sure to ‘dig around’ to see why you feel depressed, rather than accept antidepressant medication as your only option.  Don’t accept that your depression is ‘a disease’ that you have no control over.

What Is It Then?

Depression is a set of symptoms that are being expressed usually because the body is grossly imbalanced in health. “Depression is not a disorder primarily rooted in the brain like our doctors have us believe, but rather our body telling us that we need to change what we are doing.” Dr. Kelly Brogan

We have more chance of getting depression when we have high inflammation in our body. This inflammation can be created by things like heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, obesity, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome and insulin resistance.

The Big 3 Reasons For Depression (A Perfect Storm)

~ Sedentary lifestyles ~ Processed food diets ~ Unrelenting stress.

Therefore the only way to really reverse the damage is to ‘go back to nature.’

Medication doesn’t fix address the real reason we get depression, it merely masks the symptoms and prevents us from ‘hearing’ the innate wisdom of our body.

We have lost touch with nature and our natural health is spiraling out of control because of this. Many people’s feet don’t even get to touch the ground for days or weeks at a time, something so natural as walking on dirt, has actually become foreign to many of us!

Many people don’t even see an actual tree for weeks! We’re contained in buildings, cars, our houses and our racing thoughts.

This affects our natural biology in a very real way.

12 Truths About Depression We Haven’t Been Taught

~ Long-term studies have shown that the use of antidepressants creates statistically worse outcomes, compared with patients choosing alternatives to medication.

~ Depression is often an inflammatory condition, stemming from food sensitivities, toxic exposure and a breakdown of the body’s immune response.

~ Risks associated with antidepressant use include:

impulsiveness, suicide, agitation, liver damage, bleeding, weight

gain, sexual dysfunction, and reduced cognitive function.

~ Basic lifestyle interventions have repeatedly been shown to facilitate the body’s self-healing mechanisms to heal depression without any negative side effects.

~ Antidepressants can be harder to step-down from than alcohol or heroin.

~ In 6 decades, not a single study has proven that depression is ’caused’ by a chemical imbalance or low serotonin in the brain, contrary to what we’ve been led to believe.

~ Most people who take antidepressants for things like depression, OCD, panic disorder, social phobia and anxiety, never meet the medical criteria for actually having these conditions.

~ Issues such as impaired thyroid, low B-vitamin levels, and blood sugar dysregulation, can masquerade as mental conditions like depression.

~ Poor gut health is inextricably linked to mental health.

~ It takes an average of 17 years for data to become integrated into your doctor’s daily routine, including information exposing ineffective and dangerous treatment protocols.

~ There are many simple, non-invasive tests that you could get to tell you what’s probably causing your depression.

~ Depression is an opportunity to figure out what’s causing your imbalance. Don’t mask this signal with medication, that merely turns off the smoke alarm, while leaving a fire still raging within.

(Research by Dr. Kelly Brogan)

Depression, anxiety and other mental illness are a huge part of what I address with my own clients in my private nutrition practice and also inside my new program Empowered Women’s Health (EWH) becoming available soon.

The issue of depression is a very special interest to me, since I see so much of it in people of all walks of life.  It is greatly concerning and very frustrating to see so many people medicated but not being taught to address their diets and lifestyles.

Obviously what we’re currently ‘doing’ in medicine is not working, so it’s time to explore what nature has for us. After all, human beings are a part of nature!

If you know someone who needs help with looking for other options with their depression please share this post. It may be just the information that they’re looking for.

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