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Food Intolerance: The Truth Hurts!

Understanding how our bodies react to food is hands down one of the most life changing moves we can make for our health and our energy.  This is not an exaggeration either!

Making the adjustments in our diet will have a profound effect on our health.  You may feel a difference the next day or  you may not feel a difference for 3 months… either way it will work. So as to when you’ll feel better, will just depend on the length of time your body has been suffering from food intolerance’s.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor will our bodies reverse internal damage and heal in a day either.

My point is we must give ourselves a chance to heal!  Our body can heal a cut on our hand no problem, this is the same as internal healing… But we must allow it to happen.

As a Clinical Nutritionist, we now know so much about what the wrong food can do to our health.  This knowledge wasn’t around in our grandparent’s generation where they may have thought it ‘normal’ to have indigestion, bloating or discomfort from certain foods and didn’t give it another thought.  But sure enough a health issues stuck and sadly there was rarely the link made to food.

We now know that lives are shortened and quality of life is much poorer, if we are constantly bombarding our bodies with foods that we have formed some kind of intolerance to.

Some may put it down to ‘getting old’ or that it’s just how things ‘role’ in our lives.  This is far from the truth.  As a society, we are virtually trained (or brainwashed) to think like this, by the medical industry and who benefits the most?  You got it… the drug companies.

What would our pharmaceutical industry do without a thriving market for anti-inflammatory medication, cold and flu medicine or reflux medication?  And what would they do without the cancer drug industry?

All of these so called ‘unrelated’ health conditions are very much to do with the degradation of our gut health and therefore our immune system.  If we are feeding our body foods that are ‘hurting’ our body every single day, inflammation is going to increase, unwanted genetics are going to kick in, our immune systems are going to weaken, or in the case of autoimmune disease go into overdrive and attack our own body AND there is much more chance of a ‘rogue cell’ invasion, as in the case of cancers.

Food intolerance’s are not something to be shrugged off, or put in the ‘too hard basket.’  If we have an intolerance to dairy or wheat for example, we sure as day to turns to night better move away from these foods, or we will know about it in years to come.

The problem is, many of us don’t link the symptoms we are having, to these hurtful foods.  We a much happier to blame ANYTHING ELSE (even the dog) rather than tell ourselves the truth and that it is our beloved bread and milk are possibly sending our health into a spiraling mess!

Symptoms may be feeling tired, foggy-headed, low-grade sinus, digestive difficulties, skin issues, breathing issues, anxiety and this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what way your body is trying to tell you not to keep eating this food! (what ever the food may be.)

So please don’t ignore possible food intolerance’s, our health is far more precious than being able to have a sandwich every day or milk in our coffee!  These intolerance will not just go away without serious effort to heal the damage they have caused our gut.

I hope this helps you make the decision to finally free yourself from foods that hurt your health.  I understand it’s difficult removing these foods, but so is a poor quality of life later on and numerous hospital stays.

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