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For You To Know And To Tell Your Daughter Now!

What’s going on?

Digestive problems, allergies, auto-immunity, PMS, chronic fatigue, headaches and skin problems –  these are the most common issues for mothers right now!

People are asking Why?  Why is all of this happening to us?

In a nutshell this is for you… a simple explanation on how this has all come about…

Part 1: Today’s typical modern mother, born in the 60’s or 70’s, wasn’t commonly breast-fed when she was a baby. Breast-feeding was almost ‘out of fashion’ at this time.  (This includes the mothers who ‘couldn’t’ breast-feed also.)

As we know now, bottle-fed babies don’t develop the same healthy gut bacteria as breast-fed babies do, therefore this group (bottle fed) are much more at risk of developing immune type health conditions.

Part 2. So today’s modern mum has had poor gut flora right from the start.  She was then given a few courses of antibiotics for various common adulthood infections and then she has become ‘health compromised.’

Here, it’s well known that antibiotics seriously wipe out many beneficial strains of gut flora and this good bacteria can take at least a year of concentrated dietary effort to replace these.

But she didn’t know this.

She sadly wasn’t told about the health ramifications of what seemed to be and still is ‘the norm.’

And her mother didn’t know either, how was she supposed to?

Part 3. When the modern mother reached around 17, she started taking the contraceptive pill, which she took for many years before having children.

It was a normal thing to do and there wasn’t any info out there on what ‘The Pill’ was doing to her gut.

It has a devastating effect on the good bacteria in her gut.

These good bacteria control about 500 different species of  bad and opportunistic microbes. So when the good bacteria get wiped out (by The Pill) the opportunistic bad bacteria multiply and take over the digestive tract.

Part 4: Add to this a typical diet for that time of processed foods high in sugar, bread, soft drink, meat and 3 veg, and we have a perfect diet to help the bad bacteria multiply… and this was a typical diet for today’s mother in her childhood and as a young adult.

Part 5: So ALL of these factors add up to the modern mother of today who has got a seriously unbalanced gut (Gut Dysbiosis) by the time she’s ready to have children.

And the worst thing is (up until recently) she’s been non the wiser.

Note:  Gut Dysbiosis effects nearly all mothers whose children have common learning difficulties, skin issues, allergies and other neurological problems.

A child’s gut flora has a massive impact on the rest of his/her life and this good bacteria comes mostly from the mother.

This doesn’t mean men aren’t suffering the similar health effects either.

So whatever microbial flora the mother has she would pass to her new-born child.

And here we are… We’ve come full circle!

The babies born in the 60’s and 70’s (our modern mothers of today) are plagued with endless and very common health problems as mentioned at the beginning of this post.

There have been a common sequence of events (bottle fed, antibiotics, the pill, bad diet all on an already compromised baby gut) which has led us to where we are today.

So what do we do about it?

Well firstly, we need to ALL recognize what’s happened here (unbeknown to us, due to lack of education and mis-information.)

And then we need to reclaim control of OUR own health now, before another generation is born and their immune systems go down ‘the toilet’ (pardon the pun.)

Seriously though…It’s so very crucial that our generation gets a handle on this whole gut health thing now and we spread the word to our family and friends!

Because unfortunately ‘gut health’ isn’t just another passing health fad.

Has this been you?  Or perhaps this is your mother’s story?  Please share in comments below.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions on our own personal situation, go to the Nutrition For Life Community and ask me a question in the forum OR you can private message me.

P.S. And don’t forget to share and subscribe to this blog for weekly help with your health.

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