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Gut Healing Powders & How To Take Them

If you have digestive issues you need to heal your gut.

We also need to heal our gut even if we have seemingly ‘unrelated to gut’ health issues, such as  joint pain, low thyroid, low energy, hormonal issues, weight gain (and just about everything else that people are suffering from at this time.)

The reason being is that it’s the quality of our digestive function, which balances every other system in our bodies.  Think of your gut as your ‘Central Power Station.’

‘Healing the Gut’ is an ‘umbrella term’ for the steps I use, for improving the overall functioning of the gut.  It’s a big topic, so we’ll just briefly look at one important part today:

To heal the inflammation or any breakdown in the barrier wall of the intestinal lining  which causes leaky gut and further health issues.

There are many of us who have some degree of breakdown or inflammation in our gut and this absolutely needs to be healed.  If we ignore it, our health deteriorates over time.

Know that if you’re over 30,  you’ll need to do some gut work (even younger people seem to be having this issue too.)  Some of us don’t know anything about our gut, simply because we were never taught.  This is not our fault.  This is the circumstances in which we have grown up and lived our lives.  However many are battling with ‘other’ health issues that may very well go ‘away’ if this very thing is addressed.

So How Do You Heal The Breakdown in Your Gut?

Let me just say it’s a process!  But there a variety of supplements (not the basic vitamin C or fish oil etc.) but wonderful powders, that actually form a barrier over the lining of the gut, to give it time to heal. They form a protective coating.

Usually if there’s gut barrier problems like what I’m talking about, then there will be micro-nutrient deficiencies too.  Because we aren’t  absorbing our nutrients properly.  This is a very slow and gradual process, until suddenly we hit ’empty’ with our nutrients (like a car fuel gauge) and then health issues will pop up from out of the blue, only it’s been happening over a period of time… could be decades without us actually feeling there’s anything wrong.

We never get a disease ‘all of the sudden’ – It’s being manifesting for some time!

A few supplemental forms that can help heal your gut:

– L-Glutamine is currently the best known compound for reducing the ‘leaking’ through the gut wall, that is leaky gut syndrome.  In fact, a leaky gut can be caused by a L-Glutamine deficiency. You can buy it in powdered form and it mixes easily in water.  Take on an empty stomach and the added benefit is that it prevents sugar cravings too!

– There are also a variety of plant powders which ‘coat’ the lining of the gut wall, forming a protective layer like I mentioned before.  These are licorice root, slippery elm, marshmallow root and aloe.  These are noted for their ability to thicken the gut’s mucus layer (which is a good thing.)  This prevents nasty food sensitivities, stress and other aggravating factors causing continuous inflammation in the gut wall, which allows the cells time to repair. These also help digestion run smoothly and efficiently too.

How Do You Have These?

You could take 1 tsp of L-Glutamine in your smoothie and 1 tsp of slippery elm powder in a small glass of water after dinner, before bed (spread them out.) Our bodies do a lot of repair work at night, so this is perfect. The other alternative is to have both of these in your water before bed.  The main thing is that we get this stuff into our bodies every day.

Where To Buy These?

You can buy these powders at health food shops.  Make sure they are pure (no added ingredients) organic and the best quality you can get.  Take according to instructions which should come with the powder of you choice.


Caution is advised, since many of these supplements are immune enhancers. For example in the case of autoimmune conditions, you’re usually trying to reduce  an overactive immune response.) They can also prevent the absorption of some medications e.g. Prednisolone.  Usually you can take the powder at the opposite end of the day e.g. if you take your meds in the morning, take these at night. Please check with pharmacist first however, as everyone is different.

I will be covering EVERYTHING on gut health (and more) inside Empowered Women’s Health (EWH) becoming available to you in April/May.  We need to know ‘how’ and ‘what’ to do in an easy step-by-step system. So sign up to know more, if you haven’t already done so and I’ll see you there!

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