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Have Your Cake and Eat It Too This Christmas

The last thing we want to hear at the beginning of December is ANY  talk about ‘The Health of our Liver’…  because after the past year of blood, sweat and tears, we just want to be able to let go a bit, without the guilt or guidelines.

I’m hearing you! So I want to be here to help you have your cake and eat it too!

The more daily fuel you put into the tank (your health) the better you’ll feel, even IF you relax the rules a little over Christmas. You’ll NATURALLY make better choices because you’ll maintain your ‘head space.’

The only thing we need to do is this…

Every single day DO, CONSUME and BE the ‘good stuff,’ so that when we do go out at night for a Christmas party, or whatever you want to do…  a) you’ll feel SO BALANCED, you won’t even feel like over-indulging too much and b) the effects of a little over-indulgence won’t put you out of action and make you feel like a faded version of yourself!

For some of us it’s like “OK well I’ve already eaten and drank badly all week, so I may as well keep going, till after the silly season, after all, everyone else is doing it!”

BUT…this is where things could be SO MUCH DIFFERENT!

It is possible to get to January 1st and feel some what… well a little tired (we’ve gotta be realistic) but still pretty much the same weight,  clear minded, energized and HAPPY!

So… IF you would like to feel the latter, this is what you could do:

Every day, regardless of weekday, weekend (except Christmas day 🙂

1. On rising in the morning: Have a large glass (or 2) of lemon water

2. 20 minutes after: Have a smoothie based on milk or coconut kefir, pull apart some pobiotic capsules and empty in, chia seeds, flaxseeds, ginger powder, glutamine powder, spirulina, celery, blueberries and 1/2 banana.

~Wait at least an hour before eating and continue drinking water now and through the day~

3. Breakfast/brunch: eat salad, ferment foods such as sauerkraut, boiled eggs, poached chicken or grilled fish.  Take your pick with the protein but make sure you have 80% salad and fermented foods. This will alkalize your body and refuel your energy.

After all it’s all about replacing the energy that you’ve used so you don’t run out.

4. Add meditation somewhere in your day, when you’re not sleepy.  This will stop the busy mind from perhaps the night before and realign you to your happiest self.

5. Exercise in the afternoon + deep breathing.

6. Have a cup of bone broth if you’re hungry and can’t wait till dinner.

7. Dinner: Vegetables, fermented foods, grilled protein, lemon juice.  Keep the food plain therefore easy to digest  (Then your liver won’t be overworked while sleeping, so that you’re body can spend it’s energy rejuvenating and resting, rather than focusing on digesting a heavy meal.)

Early night to bed if you’re staying in…

This should keeping you feeling and looking your best over Christmas 🙂

Give it a go and let me know in the comments section below if it worked for you?

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