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Healing Dis-ease… New Frontiers and 1 Simple Action

Healing dis-ease is such a massive and overwhelming topic and there are so many ways we could explore.

I’ve never believed in the concept of ‘one way fits all.’  There is not one diet or one approach which will work for everyone.   We are all very different and we need to find the way that works for us.

Continuing on with what ‘the guys’ are exploring in frontiers of mind/body medicine, Professor Tanzi and Dr Chopra believe that our healing mechanisms reside somewhere in this overall complexity that we call the human body.

If we understand the ‘Why,’ we can then get amazing results with learning and implementing the ‘How.’

There’s no one organ of healing… and how does the body know when it’s damaged?

Medicine has no simple answer.  Any one of the processes involved in healing a superficial cut – the clotting of the blood, for example – is incredibly complex, so much so that if one mechanism fails, as it does with haemophiliacs, scientific medicine is at a loss to duplicate the impaired function.

A doctor can prescribe drugs that replace the missing clotting factor in the blood, but these are temporary, artificial and have numerous side effects.  The body’s perfect timing will be absent, as well as the superb coordination of a dozen related processes.

The body, we must admit has a mind of its own and is a very mysterious thing.

Every doctor realises that it is nature who cures disease, a statement first written by Hippocrates 2000 years ago.  What is the difference, then, between nature’s ordinary form of healing e.g. healing from a cut on our finger to ‘unusual’ or ‘miraculous’ healing?

Perhaps the difference is small and in our heads.  It’s sobering to consider how much medical knowledge pertains not to life but death.  By performing autopsies, conclusions are made on the body when it no longer has the delicate web of intelligence that binds the body together.  We won’t ever find a protein strand labelled ‘intelligence,’ and yet there is no doubt that intelligence is at work.

To use an example, such as getting a fright: If we hear a loud noise and jump in our chair, our instantaneous reaction is such a complex internal event: Our brain kicks it off with coordinating a burst of adrenalin from our adrenal glands which is carried into our bloodstream, this adrenaline signals reactions from our heart, which starts to pump blood faster; from our blood vessels, which contract and force up our blood pressure; from our liver, which puts out extra fuel in the form of glucose; from our pancreas, which secretes insulin so that more glucose can be metabolised; and from our stomach and intestines, which immediately stop digesting food so that more energy is directed elsewhere.

To make this whole reaction happen and then to make it go away again (for the body, unlike a man-made drug, knows how to reverse every one of these processes just as neatly as it began), the same key-in-lock mechanism is employed everywhere else in the body.  To duplicate this effect with a drug, the results are nowhere near as precise, orderly and beautifully orchestrated.  In fact they are chaotic in comparison.

This is not to say we don’t need drugs sometimes, but it is to say we need to also believe (maybe not understand) but remember, that we all have very powerful forces in our own healing ability, and we need to always give our body’s the chance to heal itself.  This ‘chance’ comes under the ‘umbrella’ topic of Quantum Healing which teaches about the body/mind approach.

The message is that the condition of our body should be freed from any real fixed model of how it works. In a word, we should think of our own body as a verb, not a noun and that what is going on for us is all very different.  To put simply, disease ‘names’ are a way of organising protocols, drugs and science into neat little boxes in society.  Given each of our own differing ‘intelligence states’ each individual case is as different as a fingerprint.

At the Chopra Centre, run by Endocrinologist, Dr Chopra,  they are conducting ongoing studies, the largest of its kind to date which focuses on our ‘Consciousness.’

People are divided into 2 groups, with one group spending  a week at the centre learning to meditate.  The other group spend the week enjoying unstructured spa programs and general relaxation – a nice change from ordinary routine.  Dozens of biomarkers are analysed and the results are stunning.  These results go far beyond the accepted understanding that meditation can lower blood pressure, decrease heart rate, increase immunity to disease and reduce stress.  These new results show that meditation:

– Promotes balance throughout all the body systems, generates new neural pathways in the brain, promotes production of new brain cells, improves gene expression, allows every cell to function normally – without erratic behaviour, supports the immune and discourages autoimmune function, counteracts the effects over time of ageing and increases our sense of wellbeing, vibrancy and happiness.    

The shape of the future is becoming clear.  That our cells change by the instant and this very fact holds the key to a higher state of health.  If you want to see what your thoughts were like yesterday, look at your body today.  If you want to see what your body will be like tomorrow, look at your thoughts and feelings today. This is conflictingly separate (but together) with the foods that we choose to eat. Once we see that mind and body form a continuous feedback loop, there’s nothing in our body’s that it doesn’t effect.

So, we’ve just touch on one way we can all start to master our own health today!  And that is through meditation.  Next week I’d love to talk to you about other findings ‘the guys’ have which will give us some of the How’s… which you can use to help yourself.

Subscribe to this blog, share it and stay tuned to hear more about their amazing findings and the step by step processes that we can all do to ‘get the edge’ in our lives.

Meanwhile, If you have any questions on your personal situation, head over to the Nutrition For Life Community and ask me question. Just ask to join first.  I am only to happy to help you.

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