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How Do We Stay Motivated With Our Health?

The thought of getting healthy can be really overwhelming!

There are so many different theories and paths to follow, each one competing for our attention.  It’s like what the hell am I meant to be doing here?

Firstly we’re told that Paleo is the perfect diet for ALL of us… then there’s argument that eating a lot of protein (as in the Paleo diet) can be too hard on our kidneys, particularly if we have weak kidneys.

Before I studied health and nutrition I remember devouring books and magazines about the newest and greatest health fad, super food or supplement and pretty much becoming an obsessed health junkie.  And even with the things that did work, ironically I’d find it easy to forget to do it, eat it, take it or whatever the case maybe.  Yes Even if they did work!

It’s like there were so many things that I should be doing and I’d get confused or forget exactly why it was good for me… so I’d  end up giving it up.  I’m one of these people who need to know ‘the why’  (and be continually told the why) to keep on going with the change.

People come to see me about there health, often after they’ve tried many other avenues.  Our consultations need to go deep, I need to get their full health history and then I put on my ‘detective hat’ and begin to connect the dots to work out what’s really going on with them.  Then I design a plan to get them where they need to be as quickly as possible.

But it’s hard to stick with the plan I know!

The conversation in consultation and our ‘aha moments’ turn into a distant memory and it’s common to forget why we are meant to be doing the things that seemed to make so much sense at the time.  I totally get this!

I get it so much so that last year I created my free face book group Nutrition For Life Community to help keep you on track.  Every day I post ‘general help’ so that we remember why we even want to get healthier in the first place! And I strongly encourage my past patients and future patients to join and follow (and contribute if you like) so that you play an active role in keeping your health on track.

Next month, I’ll be taking it one giant step further, where if you choose, I’ll be dedicated to running you through your prescribed ‘clinics’ to improve your health, depending on what your health issue is.  This will be available to you at Empowered Women’s Health.  A perfect solution for if you can’t make a face to face consultation, it’s too expensive or if you’ve had a consultation and need ongoing support to keep you focused.

The thing is we do need to MAINTAIN this brand new state of health once we’ve got there.  As soon as we drop the ball and perhaps go back to our old ways of eating and living, our health will deteriorate.  It’s definitely a lifestyle, not a quick fix, but I find it’s easier to stick to something if we have the support and motivation to do so.

So stay in the loop, I’m really excited about helping you to get where you want to be with your health and keeping you there!  Click Here and make sure you get yourself in on this now, since the entry point will continue to alter as it needs more of my time.

Wishing you a beautiful 2017 and a lovely glass of your favourite to celebrate this weekend!

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