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How They Got It So Wrong For 1 Poor Woman!

Below is one of the most incredible examples of how we must all learn about health and nutrition for ourselves! Talk about ‘knowledge is power’ in the instance of our health!

A fascinating story where ‘they’ got it all wrong for one poor woman!

In this study, a 57 year old woman was treated with both anti-psychotic and antidepressant medications for months and they also gave her electroconvulsive treatment, when really what she was terribly deficient in was, vitamin B12.

No joke!

For years prior, she had tearfulness, anxiety, movement difficulties, constipation, lethargy (pretty common wouldn’t your agree?) and after time past she started ‘hearing things.’ And even after psychiatric treatment, she was still depressed, lethargic and suicidal.

So what happened to her in the end?

Well, put it this way! After a couple of months – which included identifying her very low vitamin B12 and treating her with injections, her levels went back up to where they were 14 years ago, and she’s stable ever since and needs no other treatment.

Now I’m not saying that this cycle of events is going to happen for everyone who has low vitamin B12!  This was a random case yes, but think of all the cases like this that we don’t get to hear about.  Modern medicine doesn’t like advertise these monumental mess-ups!

So my point is it’s really up to us to know about our OWN body!

2 lessons to learn from this

The first lesson is this: Learn about your personalized health and nutrition. Remember, everyone is different – what’s good for your partner may be poison to you! If you’re struggling with your health, or even if you’re not, this knowledge is a form of health ‘insurance’ for you.  Choose to spend your time and money (because you’re going to spend it anyhow) on learning the truth about your own health and nutrition (not general health and nutrition.)

Know that contrary to modern medicine and psychiatry, your body IS NOT a machine with separate parts – but a fully communicating interacting organism working as a whole.

The second lesson is this: Learn specifically how vitamin B12 deficiency works.  After all, this is what this lady didn’t know about and desperately put her life in the hands of the psychiatric system that would have done her further damage!

About Vitamin B12

In short, B12 supports our myelin (part of our nervous system) and if we get deficient, we are more likely to have symptoms of poor gut health, impaired gate, MS, dementia, depression, anxiety (and really the list is endless!)

So these symptoms range from mild to severe.  At first a B12 deficiency could show up in your digestion i.e. your not as good as you once were in this area.  Then as B12 becomes more and more deficient (and you don’t know what’s the cause) then serious health issue eventuate. At this point is where people get thrown in the the modern medicine system and put on medication to mask symptoms.

A common scenario in clinic

Someone is not digesting their foods properly. This is because all of their life, they’ve had a pretty ordinary but typical diet of processed dairy, cereals, fried foods in bad oils (OR hidden intolerance’s) and also they’ve had their share of stress.   This undigested food ‘issue’ increases internal inflammation in their body, which in turn makes digestion worse, and so the cycle.  Sadly this person may not notice any real symptoms OR they put these down to simply ‘aging!’  When in reality it’s a easy to fix vitamin deficiency.

So for you?

Well, if you think you could have a B12 deficiency – get a blood test.  Ask you doctor for this test and if they won’t do it – See me!!

And secondly, I dearly hope that you can get interested in health and nutrition in a way that you have never been before (and chances are you’re very interested if you’re reading this post!)

Isn’t it amazing though, that we were given our body from our maker, but leave all the mechanics to someone else?  Why shouldn’t we know how it works and what it really needs?

Personalized nutrition is where it’s at!

So if you’d like to continue learning about this kind of stuff and become an expert on YOUR OWN health, Join Me Here!

I feel it will be the best decision you ever made for yourself 😉

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