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How To Ignore Your Sweet Tooth

If you’re like most people, you eat mostly what you feel like, when you want it.  But, if you’ve come up against some health struggles recently, it’s likely that you see the need to change your ways to start getting some balance back. 

Sugar is one of the first ‘substances’ to go in a body overhaul.  Sugar has a very debilitating affect on our taste buds and our brain. The more we have it, the more we need it.  Short term it’s wonderful drug like ‘hit!’ Long term it’s an enemy that leaches every bit of goodness from our health.

So it’s very natural that after having rid our diet of sugar, you start to crave it even more… anything that is sweet or that has sugar in it.


Our desire for sweetness started with breast milk which is rich in milk sugar and helps babies grow and expand.  Then our first foods are usually pureed sweet foods such as fruit, sweet vegetables (carrot, sweet potato, squash) and this is not a problem if a baby’s inner gut health is healthy and the good bacteria thrive on it.  But because the mother is never told to focus on her baby’s gut health by creating a strong digestion and immune system, this is always overlooked and she then goes on to buy processed baby food (usually as it’s more convenient) and sugar ends up becoming part of every meal.

By the time we’re adults, we are completely oblivious to the fact that we are hooked on sugar!  Just have a look at the supermarket trollies filled with ‘baby food’ which is processed food full of hidden sugars and preservatives.  Right down to the ‘dried fruits’ which are nothing more than ‘sugar bombs!’  But how are we to know? – We aren’t taught that these foods are setting kids up for a lifetime of health problems.  Marketing is powerful stuff.

So coming full circle… As an adult, when you’re on your first few days  (or week) of your new eating plan, sugar cravings are going to hit you.  Of course they are, like any addiction, sugar should be treated as such.

Here are some great solutions to squash your sweet cravings which will give your body a chance to regain some balance in your gut, your blood sugar levels (causing diabetes in so many right now) your energy levels and your weight.  Remember it’s not fat that puts on weight – it’s sugar!

If you feel you’re really hooked on sugar and your cravings win over your good intentions every time, try this:

  1. Add Green Leaf Stevia into a cup of tea.  It must be ‘Green Leaf,’ there are other varieties of Stevia which are bad.  Green leaf Stevia does taste VERY sweet but it doesn’t feed yeast overgrowth and it does have some health benefits.  This is not an ‘artificial sugar’ which suppresses your immune system.  You’ll want to have Green leaf Stevia a bit like you would a nicotine patch.  For as long as you absolutely need it to stay OFF normal sugar, but with intentions of weaning yourself off this as well.

If you feel you can do without the Green Leaf Stevia, other ways to combat sugar cravings long enough to get yourself off the stuff are:  

  1. Have a glass of water with a sprinkling or more of apple cider vinegar when you have a craving.  This ‘sour-ness’ helps to reverse sweet cravings, plus there’s a million benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar ever day.

  2. Eat cultured vegetables (saurkraut, kimchi) with ever meal.  This helps balance your gut bacteria and it’s these guys who are controlling your sugar cravings.

  3. Drink water with fresh lemon squeezed into it.

  4. Drink water with nutrient rich, high protein green algae.  The ‘greens powders’ are remarkable for reducing sugar cravings and stabilizing blood sugar.  Some of these are Chlorella and Spirulina.  They will smell like seaweed so you could also add some lemon juice or apple cider vinegar to mask the taste.

  5. Sprinkle apple cider vinegar on green leafy salads and vegetables.

  6. Have a tsp of unrefined coconut oil.

PLEASE NOTE THIS POINT:   Key is not to worry about what it tastes or smells like.  Most people won’t have something because they don’t like the taste or the smell.  Sometimes my advice is to just have it anyway.  Your health is too important to just be guided by ‘taste’ all the time. That’s how we end up with a poor diet in the first place, as food manufacturers will put ingredients into our food that make us addicted to ‘that’ taste.  Chances are if you have sugar cravings, your taste buds and other senses are going to hate anything that is good for you.  But you need to ignore this and do it anyway.  This is the reality.   


  1. Your body needing balance from too many salty foods?

  2. Yeast demanding to be fed?

  3. Simple dehydration?


IF you’re healthy and balanced the answer would be yes.  But most people are imbalanced in their gut, they are stressed and may have other health conditions e.g. low thyroid or autoimmune issues.  Then the answer is definitely NO.


Because billions of yeast and other unwelcome visitors living inside you are sending messages about what they want to eat (always sugar) and they don’t care about the body that they live in.  However, once your body is balanced, you will lose you ‘taste’ for these unhealthy foods anyway.

ONLY then we can ask ourselves ‘what do I need?’

For more help of beating sugar cravings and sugar addiction I’ve written a FREE eBook when I take you through the steps to get you off the stuff.  DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE EBOOK HERE and please let me know if you have any questions by email: – I’m happy to help you further.

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