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How We Can Find The Cause Of Your Health Struggles

Do you have health struggles or annoying little ailments that won’t seem to go away?

Perhaps you have some sort of chronic ailment, or something doesn’t feel right in your health? Many of us look pretty healthy, but all of us seem to be going through life with some kind of ailment.

So when we go to the doctor about this he or she might say “well you tests are fine, your examine is fine, I don’t know what’s wrong with you!”  It feels like our doctor has missed something doesn’t it?

In this moment in time, medicine is going through a massive shift of contradictions.  And it’s forcing the medical system to re-evaluate our biology and disease.  For the first time ever, medical scientists are looking at biology in a new way, HOW things work and what are the laws of nature when it comes to human biology? It seems to be something that we should have been doing all along doesn’t it?  But instead we’ve take the path of capitalizing on disease via medication rather than trying to fix health.   What medicine has been doing up until now, doesn’t make sense anymore.

As s simplistic example, If we have a headache we’d go to the head doctor, if we had a joint problem we’d go to the joint doctor, if we had a stomach problem we’d go to the stomach doctor.  But the body isn’t organized that way into separate systems.  It doesn’t match reality anymore.  Our new reality is working with how ALL our body systems work TOGETHER.

So if you want to find the cause of your disease or ailment for example, using our modern medical system won’t allow you to do that.  They are focused on symptoms, not causes.  They are focused on what disease people have, not why do they have this disease.

I had to learn this the hard way.  Until I knew different, I too was mixed up and relying on a the medical system to find out stuff for my own health.  From GP’s to specialists, if I mentioned my diet or the need to reduce stress, they would look at me like I was mad.  How can the 2 biggest things dictating the state of our health today (which is what they are finally admitting to very slowly) possibly help an imbalanced body.

When it all boils down, all disease is imbalanced health right?  Modern medicine’s model for disease is back to front and as more and more analysis comes through, especially to the public and WE start to ask questions,  the more our medical system will have to change to a holistic system i.e. treating the body and mind as a whole (not broken up into separate systems.)

There’s an extraordinary amount of disconnect between the medical system (prescribing medication) and our natural health.

The functional medicine and natural medicine models (treating the cause of disease) are having more success in helping people to achieve a state of balance with their health than ever before.  Medication doesn’t achieve balance, although it’s sometimes very necessary, medication manipulates our body to give us less symptoms.  But this is not at the expense of creating imbalance in other areas of our body.

As a Clinical Nutritionist this is where I work, showing you ways to support and cushion the side effects of medication, for people who choose to be on medication for life or who are in such a state of imbalance, that they need it to slow down disease attacks (e.g. autoimmune disease) long enough for body to regain some balance again via food and less stress.

One place that I start with is your microbiome (gut bacteria.)  It has such a huge capacity to causes diseases such as heart attacks, cancer, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, autoimmune disease, allergies, asthma… all of these disease, yet when you go to the doctor about your arthritis, they don’t ask you about your digestion. When you go to the heart doctor they don’t ask you what’s going on with your gut flora.

There’s kg’s of bacteria in our gut, there’s 100 times more bacteria DNA there, than our own DNA! And all of this is interacting with us all the time. Instead of us looking at the signs and symptoms, we go down into the roots or the tree (disease) and find out what is going on and what are the main drivers going on for YOU!

For American’s and closely followed by Aussies, 1 in 2 people have either Type 2 Diabetes or are obese.  So we really need a new way of thinking about this.  Rather we should be looking at what are the causes for example:

  1. What environmental factors are at play for you?

  2. What’s your diet?

  3. Your stress level?

  4. What happened in the womb – what what was your mother’s health like, did she take antibiotics, were you a natural birth, what did she eat, were you breast fed, did you have early antibiotics – all of these things set up conditions for you life.

  5. AND… what were the circumstances in your life, what were you traumas which ended up creating the emotional health you have today and may very well be contributing to the health problems that you’re having in this moment.

  6. Genetics: We can now do gene testing to see what foods, nutrients would work for you personally and possible diseases that we need to prevent before you get them.

Then we map this out.  As a nutritionist, I don’t actually treat disease as such, I treat the human body and try to regain balance again. But we can’t do this until we examine everything and often do functional testing.  This is how we create balance, perhaps more balance than you’ve ever experienced before.

We can’t solve the chronic health problems of this world using the current medical system.  There is WAY more money in this current system for our governments and industry but it is at the expense of human’s natural health and our quality of life.

My new program Empowered Women’s Health (EWH) is something that I’ve designed to help as much as I can educate and help women regain their health balance and get their own power back.  This will be available to you in a couple of months and I can’t wait for you to try it out!  FIND OUT MORE HERE BY CLICKING THIS LINK.  

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