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Lose Weight: Swap Your Daily Coffee For Bone Broth!

Wow there seems to be never-ending health benefits from having Bone Broth!

Some of us feel turned off simply by the name ‘bone’ but I think we should overlook this, given what it can do for us!

If it helps, call it the greatest health ‘elixir’ ever discovered, because this is what we are learning about it now.

Simply made with bones and water and simmered between a few hours and a couple of days in a slow cooker, bone broth is really much more than just a ‘stock.’ (See a more extensive bone broth recipe here.)

Although bone broth has become trendy lately and many could be forgiven for thinking ‘not another health fad’ it’s actually one of the oldest tricks in the book!

As a society,  we’ve just swapped our slow cooking methods for more ‘convenient’ fast foods and the tradition has died with our great grandmothers sadly enough.

Interestingly, records show that bone broth was first ladled out in Paris in 1765.  A soup-maker named A. Boulanger, opened a restaurant to serve quick and restorative meals for the workers of the Industrial Revolution.  He had a sign out the front saying ‘Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will restore you.’

What a kind person!

So among the endless benefits for our health, bone broth promotes WEIGHT LOSS.   Yes you heard it here!

Gut bacteria and weight loss are becoming increasingly linked and studies are showing that overweight people have different and specific gut bacteria in their gut, which is causing the weight gain.

Bone broth, which is a natural food source of L-glutamine (meaning our body will absorb it well) will help heal the gut and reduce the weight gain associated bacteria – which will in turn, aid in weight loss.

Also, having bone broth before a meal tends to reduce the over all calories of the meal.

This is a very simple explanation, because let’s face it – who has time for ‘long-winded’ blog post about scientific detail.

In a nutshell, make bone broth a part of your day.  If you’re really wanting to make an impact, swap your coffee for broth just see where this takes you!

Stranger things have happened *wink*

Hope this helps.

P.S.  If there’s anyone in your life (friend, family, employee) who feels they want to do better with their health, please share this post. It might be the fresh perspective they need to feel better.

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