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Medical Minds Come Full Circle…This Is What They Discover!

Don’t you think that there’s more to us than meets the eye?

Well there is!  And it’s so fascinating… but also very frustrating that these theories are often still considered ‘airy-fairy’ in mainstream medicine.

Except for these guys… who were mainstream (head honchos no less) but now after what they’ve discovered – not so much!

Dr. Tanzi, Head of Neurology at Harvard and Dr. Chopra (Endocrinologist) discovers that the entire mind-body system is one huge network of information rather than just its physical form.

Touch one strand of the body’s web of intelligence and the whole web trembles.

This new frontier thinking (or not so new) shows the neat division of the body into the nervous system, endocrine system, digestive system and so on, is only partially right and may soon be outdated.

The same Neurochemicals influence both mind and body, everything being interconnected and to seperate these areas is simply bad science.

A body that can ‘think’ is very different from the one medicine treats today.

The body knows what’s happening to it, not just through the brain, but everywhere else has received the messages as well.

‘Cell memory’ refers to a cell as a ‘bit of memory’ wrapped in a casing.

If an addict is detoxified and kept away from alcohol or drugs for several years, all the old cells that used to be chemically addicted, are totally gone.  Yet the memory persists and if given a chance, the memory will latch onto the addictive substance again.

Side effects from drugs are another huge topic that runs so deep.

For example if a women is prescribed steroids for Arthritis.  The steroids would bring down the inflammation in her joints, but then she may start to notice other new health problems.

She could start feeling fatigued and depressed.  Abnormal fatty deposits might start showing under her skin, and her blood vessels could become so brittle that she would get large bruises that are very slow to heal.

These issues are the price we pay for taking medication.

Have you noticed in a depressed person, that the ‘depression’ may show everywhere?  The brain is sad yes… but the skin and eyes look withdrawn or ‘sad’ and the liver is also unhappy.

The same link can be made with someone who is ‘jittery.’ The chemicals that cause this, will also literally make ‘jittery blood cells.’

When it comes to antidepressants, Dr. Tanzi says the drug doesn’t actually get rid of the depression ‘memory’ and even though some patients are ‘cured’ by drugs, they still radiate a feeling of hollow sickness – due to the cell memory.

These are examples of the mind-body connection.

And as the saying goes… ‘First we must heal from the disease, then we must heal from the medication.’

As you could imagine, it’s become frustrating for doctors to realise how complex this has all become, and many may discount body-mind findings, as it challenges their whole way of doing medicine.  Understandably so and what are they to do?

Patients want magic bullets and doctors have a prescription pad full of them.

Medication is very valid in many cases of disease, but these guys (Dr Tanzi) are asking us to start thinking outside ‘the square’ of what we’ve been told as a society… for OUR own good!

Is it possible that we’re asked to still accept the last remaining ‘beliefs’ of medical science, before they inevitably switch over to these holistic theories which join the missing dots to mind-body medicine?

In the mean time, we may be doing ourselves harm.

An if this is the case, what else should we be doing instead?  Maybe do both if we need to.

So this is why I wanted to write to you about this very topic.  So that we can hear what these guys have come up with and make our own opinions and decisions about our health, instead perhaps accepting what we’re told.

Shouldn’t we at least have the curiosity to discover what’s really going on in our bodies…?

Quantum Healing shows that we are way more complex than we’re lead to believe and that the simplest way we can begin to balance our health stems back to nature.

For these medical minds to come full circle through all the science and reach the point that ‘Nature’ has all the answers to healing is ironic isn’t it?

It’s like something we’ve known all along… deep down!

I’ll leave you ‘Ways of Being’ which will help ALL of your health (These we know somewhat, but it doesn’t hurt to see them ‘on paper’ and apply them to ourselves personally)

~ Feeling free and unbounded

~ Being at peace with what’s going on right now

~ Having loose attachment to our personal history by detaching from ‘our stories’

~ Becoming ‘free-er’ from negative thought and emotions by meditation 

~ Breaking away from traumas and wounds of the past

~ Accepting that a higher consciousness (away from monkey-mind thought) is natural and part of being us

~ Experiencing more self awareness 

~ Living in well-being by doing and eating what we need to maintain and improve this

Till next week, I hope this has at least got you thinking a little outside the square 🙂

Please subscribe to this blog, share it and stay tuned to hear more on healing ourselves…. by OURSELVES!

Meanwhile, If you have any questions on your personal situation, head over to the Nutrition For Life Community and ask me question. Just ask to join first.  I am only to happy to help you 🙂

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