Probiotics Won't Work Without Prebiotics

Many ladies who see me in clinic tell me how frustrated they feel with very limited information about women's gut health! They are seeking other options that do not involve medication. Gut Powders are an extremely important thing to have for improving your gut health. I go into why and how below, plus I'm excited to let you know about one I've made especially called 'The Gut Powder! '

Why Are Prebiotics So Important?

Gut Health is a field which has some amazing natural options achieving long term results!

Some people are having remissions and cures rather than just masking symptoms with medications, which create further imbalances in their health. We don't often hear about these do we, we just hear about medication and that 'there's not much we can do'!

We've all heard how probiotics are good for our gut health (thanks to the Inner Health Ad on TV!) however it's sad that pretty much our only information source comes in the form of 'advertising!' Thankfully things are getting better though, with some more info coming to light on gut health, but it's still very limited to what's actually available!

"I see huge gaps in public information about some of the most important things that you could be doing at home for your gut!"

As a natural health practitioner, I'm here to tell you that working in the extraordinary field of gut health every single day, there is much much more you can do to improve your gut health, other than take a bottle of probiotics (when you think to take them!)

Whether you're dealing with any range of health issues from mild symptoms e.g. bloating and always waking up feeling tired, to bigger health issues such as autoimmune conditions, diabetes, chronic weight gain, hormonal imbalances, high cholesterol, depression, chronic anxiety, or specific digestive disease - probiotics are only one very small part of what you could be doing!

"Probiotics will only work if they are fed what they want to eat!"

You see in the case of an imbalanced gut (which is most people these days) there are a high population of unwanted bacteria, and not enough good bacteria, otherwise known as dysbiosis.

"Think of your gut like a vegetable garden. Imbalance or dysbiosis is when the weeds are overtaking your vegetables and creating an environment for all sorts of insect and fungal to attack to the veges!"

So the aim of the game is to make sure the good bacteria from the probiotics first of all lodge in your gut 'wall' and secondly the good bacteria must grow and flourish, to take over the unwanted bacteria. This corrects the balance, which gets many people out of a lot of tricky health situations!

"There are many factors which prevent your good bacteria to flourish"

One important factor, is that we must feed the good bacteria, with enough foods that they love. (Bit like fertilising your vegetable garden!) T

Note: This all goes for the good bacteria you are trying to get from the probiotics AND the good bacteria already in your gut that you want to increase!

What Foods Kill The Good Bacteria?

Our Western diet is not good for our good gut bacteria, thus the whole problem with the increasing rate of lifestyle disease today.

These foods are essentially 'man made foods' such as sugar, foods with hidden sugars, gluten, dairy, preservatives, processed foods, bad oils (Canola and Vegetable oil) grain fed meat and non-organic foods.

"So as you can see, these foods are in just about everyone's diet, and they are a really big reason why people's gut health deteriorates over time. "

What Foods Do Our Good Bacteria Love To Eat?

Plant fibres! There are a range of foods and fibres you can eat, which will ensure these good guys survive and flourish! These type of foods are called Pre-biotic foods. Sadly, most people have never heard of these, therefore most people can't seem to get their gut health right long term!

Some Prebiotic Foods Are:

Leeks, onion, garlic, artichoke, asparagus, under ripe bananas, chicory root, green apples, cacao, flaxseeds,dandelion greens and kiwi fruit.

But for most people, it's difficult to keep up the prebiotic foods OR they need more than just foods to make sure their good gut bacteria flourish.

So I always recommend taking a prebiotic powder as well as eating the foods. The powders are essentially plant foods or even barks ground up into an easy powder.

The easiest way to eat this is by putting the powder into a smoothie. Other ways are mixing it into healthy muffins or just mix into a glass of water is fine too. As long as you get it in!!

3 Prebiotic Powders which will Super Power your Probiotics & Gut Health!

PHGG (Partially Hydrolyzed Guar Gum) This is available as a prebiotic powder, made from legumes called guar beans.

Inulin: This is a prebiotic natural plant food from ground chicory root.

Slippery Elm Bark Powder: This a tree native to the central and eastern United States, and its bark is a remarkable effective natural remedy to both feed the good gut bacteria and soothe gut inflammation. (I keep some in my first aid kit at all times!)