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STRESS: Try this you’ll love it!

I need to tell you about my awesome new discovery!  It can really help you better deal with STRESS! 

I ran across it thismorning, gave it a test drive and it is definitely a whole lot of gold! Read more about this simple but oh so effective tool further on…

Stress is everywhere isn’t it?  We are becoming more and more stress-driven. It’s very difficult to get rid of our stresses, BUT we can keep on learning and implementing new ways to better handle our stress.

Isn’t it amazing though, how much our repetitive thoughts rule our minds?  All very normal, but wouldn’t you just love to be able to turn this mind chatter down to the lowest volume sometimes,  rather than these little pests taking over 80% of our daily thoughts?

I heard someone refer to this chatter as ‘stinkin thinkin!’ So right on the money!  Most of these thoughts are useless and dis-empowering, ready to jump in and de-rail even our brightest of ideas…  and it doesn’t stop there!  This repetitive thinking (much of it not entirely positive shall we say 🙂 actually causes us chronic physical stress.

These stresses don’t have to be major either.  Just little daily worries causing our cortisol to rise, in turn giving us food cravings, often for carbohydrates (sweets) and the more we eat of these, the worse our mood gets… becoming the merry-go-round that we desperately need to jump off ASAP!

So here’s 3 ways (the third way is extra awesome) which will help you better deal with your stress:

1. Increase these nutrients:

Magnesium – Almonds, avocado, spinach and brown rice

Omega 3’s – Oily fish, olive oil, avocado, walnuts and chia seeds

B Vitamins – Liver, leafy greens, chicken, pork, almonds and peacans.

2. Learn to breathe again:

Many of us have a habit of breathing in a way that actually causes us stress.

Altered posture is common as we get older and this can cause rapid shallow chest breathing, which wreaks havoc on our systems.  Lack of oxygen, abdominal weakness, adrenal strain, organ strain, lower back pain and an overall increased stress response, are all issues that can be caused from poor breathing habits.

Have you ever noticed that you’ve been holding your breath while you concentrate on something? Or you realise you’re breathing very shallowly?

Just by spending 5mins a day, consciously breathing from your lower belly, not your chest, will begin to break any nasty breathing habits.  Lengthen and slow your breathing, ensuring your lower belly rises in and out, not your chest.  Tune in throughout the day, to check your breathing.  Little steps like this can give you big results!

3.  This is the exciting discovery I made this morning, which will slow and quieten your mental chatter AND is fun to do! (who doesn’t need a bit of fun right now?)

It’s called ‘750 Words‘ – a website where you can purge your daily thoughts in a super easy to use, free and private way online.

All you do is easily sign up (it’s free) put the shortcut on your desktop and each morning just login and go for your life… typing away your stresses, fears and anxieties, uncensored (can be all negative if you like.)

It acts as a ‘mind dump’ and it’s amazing how good you feel afterwards!

You’ll feel clearer in your mind (thoughts stop going round and round),  you’ll have new space for fresh thoughts AND it can make us realise that it’s not EVERYTHING that is stressing us out, just a few things… and that puts it all into perspective!

Try it… seriously you’ll love it.  Click here to get it:

Comment below… Tell me how you go with these three steps for destressing and also tell me what works for you?

P.P.S  If there’s anyone in your life (friend, family, employee) who feels they want to do better with their health, please share this post.  It could help them to get back on track.

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