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Sugar – How Bad Is It and How To Give It Up?

How do we get rid of sugar cravings?

The sugar roller- coaster ride is doing us a lot of harm, more than we realize, especially since it has become the ‘norm’ in our world to eat sugar.

For many years, enlightened health professionals have been saying that sugar is a dangerous food, and a major culprit in aging.

The progression from farm grown foods to processed foods, where sugar is used as a flavour enhancer and preservative, have moved us onto a high-sugar diet, which has created an overall health decline.

We now recognize that when we eat sugar, it causes our blood sugar to quickly spike and then an even quicker drop in our glucose which drains us of our energy in a dramatic way.  To get that energy back, we then unknowingly crave that sugar again in our next meal to get back the lost energy… Therein lays a yo-yo effect day after day, much of the time without us even realizing what is happening or why we are doing it.

Dr Mercola stated “there are certain health dangers from habitually eating sugar.” Simple sugars are everywhere and most of us don’t recognize where the sugar in our diet lies.  Found in cakes, biscuits, toppings, dried fruits, fruit juices, bread, cereals, white wine… the list goes on.  Sugar has been observed to speed the development of mental illness, mood swings, nervous disorders, hypertension, arthritis and increase inflammation anywhere in the body where you have a weakness.

Habitual sugar consumption may not just shorten lives, but make the aging process much more difficult, by quickening the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

Sugar hardens, weakens and poisons every system in the body, including the endocrine system.  As hormone production reduces in later years – especially the adrenals, energy wanes and we are less able to rid the body of toxins. Digestion weakens, hair greys, bones weakens and health declines faster.  The big problem here is that many of us are unaware of just how sugar impacts our health.

Sugar has no nutrients, and it creates acidity in the body.  Health professionals admit that it is highly addictive and the withdrawal symptoms when giving up sugar, are similar to those withdrawals from narcotic drugs.  No wander there are so many sugar addicts.

So how do we give up sugar?  The answer is to eat ‘sour’ foods. Eating and drinking sour fermented foods such as kefir, yoghurt and sauerkraut, throughout the day AND especially when you have a sugar craving, will reduce the craving and eventually you will find sugar just too sweet! 

Fermented foods will nourish the body, stabilize blood sugar and the cravings will disappear.  At first sour fermented foods will not be pleasant to taste, but this is just a body ‘high on sugar’ speaking.  By increasing fermented foods slowly, our taste buds will adjust and balance will be reached.  It really is a case of giving it up… a little like giving up smoking!

Another thing… sweet cravings can often be your body screaming out for water.  When you next feel yourself fall for a sugar hit, instead, sit down and have 2 glasses of water.  you’ll feel the craving subside.

I hope this helps!

P.S.  If there’s anyone in your life (friend, family, employee) who feels they want to do better with their health, please share this post. It might be the fresh perspective they need to feel better.

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