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Want Shiny New Health in 2017?

When I was studying Nutritional Medicine, I was completely overwhelmed with all the information out there, on what we should and shouldn’t eat.

That’s why it takes 3 years of study… it did my head in actually!

Don’t get me wrong, I loved studying (as I’m a bit of a science nerd at heart) but I can empathize why so many complain how frustrating it is.  Just when you think you’re doing the right thing, some other ‘expert’ says it’s bad for us.

I decided ages ago, that I was going to create ‘A Way’ to simplify all the information (much of it conflicting) into an easy, achievable and preventative health plan, which people can follow and that makes a hell of a lot of sense!

No one wants to be preached too or lectured, but we do want to know about ways that work right?

After all, eating isn’t rocket science… but unfortunately the human body is the most complicated system known to mankind… And this is what we’re dealing with here!

It’s the ‘aftermath’ of 40 years of eating.

And we can get things the wrong way around thanks to society.

Some might say ‘Arghh geez why all the drama about food… cutting out gluten, milk… what a load of rubbish, just eat and get on with your life!’

BUT the part that some neglect to link up is this: Yes we should  be getting ‘on with it!’ Who wants to stress about food and worry about what we should eat and why after we have a sandwich, we suffer within our bellies and consequently our minds?  Sometimes big suffering!  No one asked for this, we’re all way too busy. But, unfortunately this has become ‘life’ for many.

‘Life’ for many many people, who once upon a time, ate whatever they damn well liked. And now all of the sudden, they’re paying for it.  Big time!  So we ignore the symptoms, brush it under the carpet, call it too hard and just why should we change?  We continue like this UNTIL we feel sooo crap, that we just have to do something about it (like yesterday.)  And If we don’t, we realize that we can’t enjoy any other part of our life anyhow… not our families, our work (can barely muster up the energy anymore because of how we feel) and certainly the word ‘Joy’ is something we used to read about in fairy tale books.

This might all sound a little negative today (and it probably is) however now imagine this (don’t laugh, it’s purely to make a point…)

The tumultuous thundering storm during the night has passed. Heavy dark skies open up to a morning of golden sunshine and the sweet song of birds. A gentle breeze flows over the damp hydrated ground, as if to signify a new shiny day ahead.   

So likened to the little scene above (wink wink) the feeling of frustration and fear that we may have with our health, can also pass like this storm, allowing us to live easier days.

We do need to prioritize our health for this to happen though, it won’t improve until we do so. The body we live in, is the only one we get.

As you know, I’m building a solution for all of what I’ve described, called Empowered Women’s Health.  This will be a place (online) where women can be in control of their healthiest life.  A ‘health retreat’ of sorts, not only to help yourself, but to help your children’s health, your husband’s, your mother’s and everyone else in between.  It will be in a sense ‘live’ so that you can get quick answers to your health question.  It heavily features my ‘cornerstone clinics’ which will help you put you back together again.

I’m very excited about it… most of all I’m so excited to be able to help you and many other women in this way!  To know more about my beautiful new online health retreat, so you don’t miss anything… click HERE.

If you have a family member or friend who you think could benefit from the words above, or needs to feel better, please share this post and help 🙂

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