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Warnings For Women on The Pill

ALL of these Women’s Health Issues… and there aren’t ANY answers out there for the public on what’s really going on.  Instead we are fed a ‘dialogue’ that the pharmaceutical drug companies are feeding to our doctors!

And let’s face it.  Women are busy creatures!  Pretty much superwomen all round! There’s the house, the property, caring for the family, then often she has a career or job on top of this.  Trying to find consistent time for exercise is really hard also. So where is there mental space and time to ‘question and research’ if what her ‘trusted doctor’ has told her is to be in the best interest for her health?

Scripts are handed over, kids are yelling and usually we just do as our doctor has told us – no questions asked.  In reality women are BIG business and we are used as guinea pigs for the latest ‘women’s hormonal’ and other medications out there.

The contraceptive pill is the greatest example that ever lived.  This synthetic hormone is likely to be the most widespread prescription to women in the world and as Dr. Lee puts it, “the biggest medical bungle of the century.”

Dr. Sellman says “it is no accident that gynaecologists happen to be the highest earners of all specialists. Throughout their lives, women are encouraged to be subjected continuously to various medical treatments and procedures. Natural female functions, from menstruation through childbirth and into menopause, are taken over by medical and pharmaceutical interventions. Barraged by misinformation, myths, propaganda and, in some cases, downright lies, it’s no wonder that so many women are thoroughly confused about matters relating to their own bodies and their health.”


We are told that The Pill is one of the most researched drugs out there.  It arrived on the scene in 1960 and now after nearly 40 years of ‘experimentation’ on women, we’re told that ‘now’ they know what a ‘safe dose’ is. What we’re told is not true.

The other (true) side of the story shows are very different picture and ‘safe’ doesn’t come anywhere near it.  As if ‘our leaders’ are ever going to admit to the ruining of women’s health in order for the most powerful industry to become even more richer and powerful (pharmaceutical industry.)  Numerous negative results and drug effects ‘gone wrong’ will (as they have always been) be swept under the ‘media’ carpet and will never be allowed to escape into public knowledge.  There is just too much at stake to tell the public the truth.


The truth is taking the pill will greatly increases the risk of numerous diseases and health issues in any of our body systems. Yes these warning are in small print on a leaflet stuffed somewhere deep in the box, but do we really take notice?  Many people think that these terrible things happen to ‘other people.’

Some ‘side effects’ of The Pill include: breast cancer, cervical cancer, infertility, strokes, nutritional deficiencies (this is a given) high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, weight gain, depression, lack of ‘joy’ in our lives and general ‘dulling down’ of our happiness.  And remember, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The problem is the many smaller health issues that women experience in their life e.g. weight gain, tiredness, candida, anxiety can also be from The Pill.  And it may take years for these ‘side effects’ to manifest so just because you think that you ‘do well’ on The Pill now, this may not be the case later.  It’s just difficult to prove, and many doctors will put it down to getting older.  It’s not!

Many effects of the pill will last a long time after stopping The Pill as our hormonal system slowly begin to re balance after years of interference.

Nancy Beckham says ‘Women on The Pill have a great tendency to liver function and allergies, low B12 (important for gut health and other) and depletes essential fatty acids and zinc” (also needed for gut health among other.)  Poor liver function will increase our estrogen dominance which in turn will make our health worse down the track and increase perimenopause and menopause symptoms.


Over the last generation, it’s very common that women will be prescribed The Pill for problems with their period.  This is not a treatment but rather a mask to what’s really going on in a woman’s underlying imbalances such as physical and emotion imbalances (which in many cases be from estrogen dominance, stress and poor diet) and The Pill won’t fix these things.


Teenagers are particularly vulnerable to being prescribed The Pill for menstrual problems.  When we’re 16 or 17 years old, we think very short term don’t we?  We just want to feel normal and go and enjoy our time with friends.  Many teenagers will do anything to feel normal again, including ignoring the health risks with taking The Pill and parents aren’t made aware of the long term risks.

Sadly many doctors resort to these prescriptions because this is all they know how to treat menstrual difficulties.  In reality, The Pill seriously hurts a teenager’s health, causing some 150 chemical changes in a girl’s body and will predispose her to a lifetime of health problems.

Have you noticed? All of the natural stages in a female’s life have now been ‘medicalized.’  Even though mother nature allows for a few years for a teenager’s menstrual cycle to balance out, girls as young as 12 are often being put on the pill because they are complaining or ‘irregularities.’  Of course many girls are going to be irregular and sometimes yes there will be cramps.  But this is no reason to go on The Pill as this will surely turn their lives into a hormonal soup!  Instead diet, nutritional supplements, exercise, dealing with emotional stress are the answers for a developing girl.  Not drugs.

Dr Lee says “early puberty results in longer lifetime exposure to estrogen produced in their ovaries, thus resulting in cancer risk.  It also appears that it leads to earlier follicle burnout (infertility) and menstruation without ovulation which is starting as early as mid thirties for most women.”  Puberty is happening much earlier (12 years old rather than 16) and we have come to think this is normal but it’s not.  The reason for this early onset puberty is likely to be from estrogen exposure and xeno-estrogens in our environment, meat and air.


Most women will ask just what are the natural alternatives to The Pill?  Dr Sellman’s answer is this: “Women need go back and learn a deeper understanding of the workings of her body and her natural cycles and learn about fertile and non fertile times.” This might sound a bit vague, but are we not designed to be part of nature, not this one big ‘human experiment?’

What Dr. Sellman is talking about, will allow women to become more in tune with her over all health, so that she can be the ruler of her health (not her doctor or pharmacy.)  This ‘women’s intuition’ and ‘self care’ aspect, has been greatly lost and degraded by modern lifestyle, stress and women pushing themselves too hard.  We have ironically come full circle and need to go back to basics in order for us to redirect focus back to ourselves so that we don’t go off balance and get sick.

So I hope this has helped make you aware of some of the risks here. If you would like to do a quick check on your hormone status now, download this HORMONE QUIZ to see where you might be imbalanced.  It will give you a great idea in just a few minutes of what area you need to look at.  If you’d like more help on what we’ve discussed in this post, please come over to MY FREE GROUP – NUTRITION FOR LIFE COMMUNITY and chat to me.

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