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We Live By The Hormones Of Stress

“The majority of us live by the hormones of stress.”

Yes we were designed to experience bouts of stress to get things done and run away from danger.  However our modern living has created an existence where, we are actually in a stressed state 24/7.

And it’s this state, which is a completely unnatural way to be, and is what leads us to to the most obvious symptoms of this type of life we lead.  Waves of people are now experiencing now more than ever in human history, the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

For goodness sake, we are even medicating our children for these now. 

Anxiety and depression are two very different states and sometimes we’ll have one with out the other, but in most cases they go together like salt and pepper.  They both manifest from our overactive (and these days whacky) stress response.

You see, our self regulators have become unhinged, and thus not able to return our stress hormones down to healthy levels right after a state of stress.  Therefore, they stay up there, high, even when we’re trying to eat, sleep and even when we’re ‘trying’ to relax!

And it’s in this state, that a crisis begins in our body and mind.  Health conditions of all ranges and all descriptions can be (if someone takes the time to find the cause) initiated by prolonged times of stress.  This sets of a cascade of imbalances in our body, making us feel even more stressed!

So what do we do about it? We go within, and start to dismantle some of our self sabotaging thought patterns and conditioning and begin to build from ground up again.  Now this sounds like something you’d do in a chair in front of a counselor –  But not necessarily.

We can learn to understand ourselves and our triggers ourselves.  I follow a great teacher, Dr Dispenza, who has been showing people for years how ‘we’ get ourselves into this state and how our thinking has created many of our own ills.

Sounds harsh, but when you hear his very researched ideas where he’s helping people all over the world (nothing we hear about usually in mainstream life) he explains what we need to do to take our life to another level.

We examine this kind of thing inside Empowered Women’s Health where I take amazing works likes this, and refine them into bite size pieces for women to learn to tackle their own patterns of anxiety and depression.

If your interested, Click Here and get on my dedicated email list for this, to know exclusively when you can join me on helping you on your own journey.

And be sure to listen to the video below, while your driving, walking or simply relaxing, for some very interesting information which expands on the above.

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