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What Do You Have For Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner?

Given the mass of nutrition information out there, are you confident that you know what to do to improve your health?

I’m thinking that you’re more confused than ever!

And it’s not that there isn’t the nutritional research proving some remarkable things, it’s just that this has been carefully buried underneath an even larger amount of info on fad diets, food industry propaganda, drug company advertising and poor advice, all aimed at making a profit from our health struggles.

For goodness sake, we’re even told ‘it’s normal’ to have these symptoms and it’s a part of aging!’  This is so that we can be dosed for the rest of our life on medication rather that finding the cause.

Each day, in my clinic, I listen to my patients say the same thing.  They’re frustrated with lack of energy and weight gain and they then go on to list many other symptoms which they struggle with ever single day!  Thank goodness they’ve decided to dig for a cause! Things like…

  1. Stress and overwhelm is really getting to them

  2. Anxiety which just crops up for no apparent reason and make it hard to be happy

  3. Digestive problems such as bloating, gas and tummy pains

  4. Aches and pains in lower back, hips and shoulders

  5. Hormones our of whack, feeling teary, anger, and a ‘short fuse’ with family

  6. Debilitating menopausal symptoms

  7. Having really heavy menstrual cycles, and lots of pain

  8. They’re worried about their recent result of high cholesterol

  9. And a general lack of well-being, peace, happiness and joy in their lives

Why is it all happening to us, and seemingly getting worse?

Show me someone in their 40’s who can actually say they are in the best shape of their life and I’ll give you 50 other people who are at their wits end with their health.

These people have been to their doctors and have felt dismissed and ushered into ‘the system’ of pharmaceutical medications and then the process of a ‘medicated life’ begins. And sadly, we don’t even think twice about it.

Understandably though right? We feel we have nowhere else to go… and no one else to turn to. Sickly allergic children, crazy busy mothers, stressed out dads and aging parents with a build up of health issues – All of us are conditioned to ‘see our doctor’ and ‘take something for it.’

Instead, what we’re screaming out for… is to be shown ‘how critical’ it is to look at our breakfast, lunch and dinner!

We’ve only got to look at the statistics to see that our current health care is feeding the fire of our health crisis. Statistics are glossed over and covered up by authorities and food manufacturers so that most of us don’t actually see the growing trend clearly.

Functional medicine (treating the source not the symptoms) considers Diabetes, Obesity, Heart Disease and Cancer as ‘signal diseases.’  These diseases are signals of a poor diet!  Too simple to comprehend that this is all?

The food that we eat actually CHANGES our genes.  We can actually switch our genes on and off via our food.  So unknowingly (because we aren’t taught this) we’ve now got to the point where our children are now carrying ‘the gene’ of these ‘signal diseases.’  These genes are passed on by our parent’s  (often unknowingly)poor health via poor diet.  According to ‘The China Study’ 2016 USA only) Have a look at this!:

  1. Diabetes among people in their 30’s has increased by 70% in less than 10 years

  2. 34% of diabetics don’t know they’ve got diabetes

  3. Obesity has nearly doubled in past 30 years

  4. Heart disease is still the biggest killer – 1 in 3 Americans.  And close to 100% of heart disease can be prevented or reversed by a healthy diet.

  5. 20% of total health care cost in the USA is directly attributed to diabetes

(Australia is following closely behind.)

“Dr Barbara Starfield published an article in the American Medical Association stating that physician error, medication error, and adverse effects from drugs or surgery made the 3rd LARGEST leading cause of death in the USA, behind cancer and heart disease.  So 225, 400 people per year die ‘from’ our western medical system.” 

Ooops… How did that happen??  What happened to our Hippocratic Oath that we take as health professional of ‘do no harm.’ ?

In a perfect world our medical system would put our health before their bank accounts. They’d understand nutrition in all it’s depth and glory, practice prevention over cure and see the value in natural medicine first, before reaching for drugs. We wouldn’t be prescribed heavy duty drugs at late stage of disease and drug company’s wouldn’t be madly searching for ways to ‘push down’ our symptoms!

But we aren’t in a perfect world, so the next best thing we can do is to stand up for our health, get educated about the truth of nutrition, be aware of the ‘greed’ in our ‘trusted experts’ and put our money into whole foods rather than into jars and packets at our supermarkets.

My mission is to continue shedding light on the enormity of our health crisis,  and show people that the single biggest causes of our sick society is what we have for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

You can benefit from my mission, which will be fully alive and flourishing in my new program called Empowered Women’s Health (EWH) opening online soon to reach all the corners of the globe! 

Click On This Link to find out how I can EMPOWER you to know this stuff about your own health and know enough to prevent disease for you and  your family.

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