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What Do Your Sugar Cravings Really Mean?

Sugar can give us a terribly irrational, emotional, anxious and depressed brain. Not to mention poor sleep and really low energy.

You know in my private practice, my clients are very aware of cutting out added sugar, in their coffee, tea etc. BUT forget about all the hidden sugars that are in our supermarket food, and this is the way we become addicted.  We are unaware of just how addicted we really are.

Sugar is in our fruit yoghurt, ‘healthy’ breads, it’s particularly in gluten free foods (where we are trying to be healthy.) Our breakfast cereals, low fat foods, savoury biscuits, sauces, nut milks and even tinned tomatoes!  The list is frighteningly endless.  So really, we are dousing ourselves in sugar at every meal and snack we have.

Not only that, food manufacturers use hundreds of different names for sugar so it’s difficult to recognize what’s actually in a processed food.  

Our brain’s are constantly on the search for the next sugar hit (which infuses it with an opiod effect) and then a couple of hours later it searches for it again.  Thus we’re on this roller-coaster of energy, poor sleep, and a wired but tired feeling.

That’s why if you look at a typical daily diet, you’ll see where someone is fueling their body with sugar hits regularly throughout the day, with food that we are taught to believe is healthy.

Fruit for breakfast, cereals, sweet biscuits and sugar in your coffee, a sandwich for lunch, a little piece of chocolate in the afternoon, a little honey on your bread.  This seems innocent enough, but not when we already have an addiction to sugar and our blood sugar has become extremely sensitive to the stuff, it’s a constant source of imbalance.

A piece of fruit eaten by our grandmother is very different to a piece of fruit eaten by us! (An already sugar laden modern society.)

I found a great video for you, which describes how our sugar cravings can actually be from something that we crave for much deeper in our lives.  And if you’d like more help with your health, in a step-by-step kind of way, subscribe HERE to be in the know 😉

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