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What’s Happening To Our Hormones?

Hormonal imbalances are rampant… and are one of the main reasons for poor health in both women and men.

There’s an endless amount of ‘mis-information’ out there, such as ‘women need more Estrogen as they get older.’  NOT TRUE!  Test results are showing that women of all ages have ‘too much’ estrogen and this is one of the causes of so many frustrating hormonal symptoms, poor digestion and other poor health issues.

Don’t Forget: The public (we) are getting our health information via our hard working GP’s who are ‘educated’ in medical school (and out in the field) by major drug companies who rule! E.g. HRT medication companies.  So our information and advice is biased towards selling more medication not less!

Health issues caused by hormonal imbalance:

These could be arthritis, depression, increased weight gain, autoimmune disease, digestive issues or reproductive issues especially female anatomy conditions such as PMS, ovarian cysts, PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis, infertility, breast cancer and osteoporosis.

So for example in my practice, I would organize a hormone test first for people who come to see me about balancing these kind of issues.  The test is easily done, and will give us a very clear picture of what the hormonal drivers are making people feel so awful!

My typical patient results are…

-WOMEN: High Estrogen and/low Progesterone (which can cause weight gain, menstrual issues, reproductive issues, anxiety, depression, and poor health in other areas e.g. thyroid and gut.

The biggest myth being fed to women: is they need ‘more Estrogen’ as they get older. Usually they have way to much and this is imbalancing their other hormones.

-MEN: Low Testosterone/high Estrogen (which can cause depression, weight gain (especially around the middle and chest) decrease in muscle and strength, lack of motivation and ‘other’ health problems (too many to talk about here!)

The biggest myth being fed to men: that they should go on anti-depressant medication, when in fact it could be ‘low testosterone’ and adrenal fatigue causing depression, low motivation, fatigue,  baldness, high cholesterol, poor sleep, memory problems.

Another critical hormone we need to check is your DHEA which is a steroid hormone made in your adrenal glands. DHEA increases happy hormones, but did you know that being happy increases DHEA production?  So it can be a double edged sword.

DHEA’s link to Adrenal Fatigue:

DHEA is known as a powerful ‘boss hormone’ also regulating our Estrogen and Testosterone.  DHEA is very much linked to our adrenals (which make our stress hormones) and if we are always stressed (kids, work, life,) our adrenals pump out a lot of stress hormone all the time…. which makes them to tired to produce DHEA anymore.

Therefore we get ‘adrenal fatigue’ which is another ‘poor health trend.’  These days with our ‘modern lifestyles’ it’s not a question of if we have adrenal fatigue, it’s a question of how much?  Adrenal fatigue can be the source of many health problems including depression.

Why do women and men get hormonal imbalances?

The reasons can be similar for women and men, such as stress, alcohol, medications, exposure to toxins, plastics, chemicals in our body care products and then there’s the herbicides and pesticides on our food. There are more reasons than I can go into here.

Did you know in Australia they use 48 herbicides on our ‘fresh food’ which are potential hormone disrupters, and 30 that are classified as either extremely dangerous or highly hazardous by the World Health Organization? 

“An example of just how many pesticides our food has, in one random test, one grape sample contained more than 15 pesticides!! And the average potato has more pesticides per weight than any other produce.”

So we may think we’re doing the right thing by eating more ‘salads’ but unless we buy the most sprayed fruit and veg ‘organically’ (or grow them ourselves,) the build up of these chemicals are causing hormonal imbalances.  It’s a frustrating situation isn’t it!

What do we do about all of this?

Hormonal imbalance is complicated and it’s one subject we need time to discuss, but I can give you a few pointers to start you off….

  1. Check your hormones right now in this quiz click: HERE

  2. If you suspect something’s not right, get a saliva hormone test through either myself or your health practitioner to confirm and clarify the detail.

  3. Start a ‘hormone balancing’ plan to fix up the imbalance!  This can be done naturally by eating the right foods, checking your food sensitivities, the right diet for you, using a natural hormone cream (there’s one now for both women and men) and lifestyle changes and a stress check!

I know the advice can sound vague… and it is because it is ‘general advice only.’  Everyone’s health is very unique and we all have different needs, so for individual help just email me:

And if you’re not in my FREE group for FREE health help – get in by clicking HERE. 

If you know someone who you think this may help, please share post or copy and paste the link into a text or email for them.  We need to be aware of this stuff!

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