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When It’s Easier To Talk To The Dog Than Our Family

Christmas time can be one of the toughest holidays of the year and may I say especially for women (although men sure feel it too.)

We come together, particularly with family who we haven’t seen for a while, and there’s so much to catch up on!

But sometimes, I’ve noticed (and experienced) some pretty ‘cringe worthy’ questions, most of the time asked with the best intentions, but even so, it can make us want to move on to a more ‘easier’ space, or go and talk to the dog instead!

People’s lives can change dramatically over a year.  Whether it be changes in our careers, our home, or even our appearance (we may have put on or lost a lot of weight!)

There could changes in our health or changes in our relationships… all of these things are pretty major for us! So I think showing kindness and empathy are pretty powerful ways to manage these touchy subjects.

Because emotions do seem to run stronger over Christmas don’t you think?

For me personally, there are certain people in my life that stand out like the stars that they are.  Because no matter what is happening at the time (good or bad) there’s always a steady kind acceptance when we talk to them, which makes them my personal superhero’s.  And I’ve noticed also, these people tend to be the happiest humans.

I think the best way to manage what can be a overwhelming time (with it’s ups and downs) is to remember to look after ourselves every day over Christmas and set this as our new improved pattern into 2017.

Show ourselves some kindness, after all we have to live in our own skin every single second of our lives.  It may as well be a great experience!

Yes family will come and go, but if we can center ourselves every day (through perhaps a short meditation) where we simply just stop, breath and slow down our racing thoughts, this could be all that we need to feel at peace during the craziness of Christmas.

And let’s nourish ourselves with ‘additional’ healthy foods (apart from our indulgences.) Slip in a bone broth here and there, some probiotic kefir or a green leafy salad topped with sauerkraut.  Jump at the chance to do this when ever a meal times come around and you don’t ‘need’ to indulge.  Probiotic foods are wonderful to ease that Christmas ‘heaviness’ we feel from eating a lot of rich foods and you’ll actually feel happier for it!

And carve out time to exercise and find some solitude every day so that you can just ‘be.’

So wishing you a very Merry Christmas, no matter where life has brought you over this past year, and sending you a huge dollop of good fortune, health and happiness your way for 2017.

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Peace, Happiness and Leafy Greens,

Johanna x

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