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Women Are Ignoring This Part Of Their Health

When we aren’t feeling great in our health, we’ve a tendency to think it must be a physical problem in our body.

We think it’s probably something related to what we’re eating, drinking, whether we’ve been exercising or getting enough rest – and that’s absolutely true, but blaming yourself, or thinking you caused it, or that you’re not good enough, is the last thing you want to be doing.

You see… your cells eaves drop on your thoughts.

We are very hard on ourselves! Especially women. Even when we’re making the wrong choices (but know it) we then tend to go down the track of hating ourselves and doing it anyhow which is a very damaging cycle.

Health conditions such as Obesity and diabetes really create a ‘self-loathing’ within us.  If not on the surface, certainly within the subconscious or inner self, where it all matters!

Linking Our Emotional & Physical Health

So what we’re talking about here is centered around our Emotional Health – which has a very direct and real effect on our physical health too.

This is a major aspect that women don’t tend to give time to, because in having the ‘superwoman syndrome’ we don’t believe allotting time for this has any real value (plus we feel guilty!)

So the health of our emotions and what we ‘tell ourselves on a constant basis’  is a very foreign concept to many of us.   We often think ‘oh what a load of airy fairy….’ Or ‘we just need to toughen up!’

But these common conditioning beliefs can really stuff down our health into dark places, only for it to scream out at us one day, in the form of symptoms or illness.  And the longer we leave it, the harder it is to re-balance.

We certainly aren’t taught to go back and examine our emotional health when we’re figuring out why our health is suddenly (or has gradually become so bad.)

Instead, we’re taught to stuff it down with medications instead and get on with it.  A very dangerous path to take for our long term health.

Your Emotions Are The Language Of Your Body

With the belief that our emotions can be the root cause of our illness, some  modern holistic health leaders of the world say that…

“Illness comes from the inability to love ourselves.”

What instantly goes through your mind when you hear this? Do you feel repelled, weird and fob it off as new age rubbish?

Many of us do, because it kind of brings up a sense of fear doesn’t it.  Often we heard as kids “Oh she loves herself that girl!”  But this isn’t what’s referred to here, not that kind of ‘love yourself.’

Rather it’s about an innate kindness and patience we need to learn to have for ourselves.  This is the total opposite of ‘self loathing’ that’s really prevalent among us. And self loathing comes in many different shapes and forms, some we may not recognize at all.  We need to clean these out.

Go Deeper To Your Inner Source When Your Health Isn’t Ideal Or Worse…

Each of us are born with an inner guidance system.  Call it our intuition or something else.  Think about what you were naturally drawn to as a child?  Maybe you were around 4 or 5 years old, or maybe you really remember what it was when you were older, say 10 or 11 years old.    We tended to be drawn to things that made us happy right?  The idea is to bring back some things that we enjoyed, and do them now regardless of how busy we are.

Re-Find The Things You Enjoyed Doing

Life can’t be all about work!  Each and everyone of us needs more than that to stay healthy emotionally and therefore physically.  When we live a life devoid of pleasure, joy and hope, we get sick.

The question we need to ask ourselves is can we let go a little?

“Illness is designed to bring our attention back to ourselves”

But don’t let it get to the point of illness.  Women are notorious for putting everything ahead of  their own needs and women are also notorious for crashing and burning in their mid 40’s with poor health.

So What Can Happen To Your Physical Health?

You’re going to be amazed at this, it’s fascinating and when your think about it so understandable.  Holistic leading gynecologists and other health leaders believe the following to be true…

Aspects that women put on the ‘back burner’ until ‘some day’ can show up in women’s health as PMS, pelvic pain, fibroids, hormonal issues, menstrual issues, heavy menopause,  gut issues, autoimmune disease.  You name it!  All are related to the context in a woman’s life and her belief around what is possible for herself!

“Our beliefs drive our medical conditions”

So What Can We Do About This ?

Learn to tell yourself better stuff!  Rather than every cell of your body listening to negative self talk (or even if you try to have positive self talk but really you have negative conditioning right down underneath) your cells will only hear what you ‘truly’ believe.

So you can start to shift things by doing the following really simple little self exercises of the mind.  Keep an open mind too about these too, it may feel a little ‘new age’ but I invite you to try them anyway…

3 Exercises You Can Do Which Invite A Better Life

Choose which of the 3 below you prefer and read one out to yourself daily.

You’d be surprised at how ‘at peace’ it can make you feel and these self declarations (even if they aren’t true yet) start to free up some negative energy that you may be experiencing, which can cause anxiety and depression.

1. Affirmation

“I am health, strength, and prosperity.

I am calm in times of stress.

I am inspired to find solutions to my problems.

I am flourishing in my body, spirit and mind.

I am a shining example of health and happiness to my family and friends.”

2. Change Me Prayer:

“Divine beloved, please change me into someone who can easily release any dark emotions that I may be holding, even if I don’t  know what they are.  Help me to feel, then release everything that needs to come up.  I am safe and all is well.”

3. Love Petition:

“With my spirit – and my makers help, I focus divine love throughout my system.  I acknowledge (symptom/condition) and I ask that this (problem) be resolved with divine love according to creator’s will.”

I hope this helps you (even if it’s a little weird saying these things to yourself at first!) the important thing is to keep an open mind and begin to take on board different stuff to feed your soul.

Would You Like More Help?

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