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Women’s No. 1 Missing Good Gut Bacteria

There’s a 1 particular strain of bacteria that SHOULD sit in our gut, however many people who come to see me in consultation about digestive issues, or other health issues, shockingly have ZERO of this No.1  good gut bacteria when we see their results from a digestive analysis test.

Now this good guy is called Bifidobacterium. That’s right, a crazy long name (all probiotic strains are!) So let’s call him Bifido for short. He’s by far the most common good bacteria that ‘should’ be in our gut and the one that is commonly missing, without us knowing about it.  There are other very important probiotic strains we need to have for our health, but let’s just focus on Bifido here.


The lack of (or presence) of Bifido will police many health conditions, which we commonly see our doctor about, only to be put on some form of medication – which in turn kills more of our good gut bacteria! This vicious cycle needs to end.

These are just ‘some’ of the health struggles Bifido prevents…

  1. Candida (thrush – this should lie in the urinary tract system and gut)

  2. Diarrhea

  3. Childhood digestive complaints and allergies (babies should have Bifido passed on by the mother from the birth canal, but if she doesn’t have any, then the child won’t be getting it!)

  4. Immune issues, constantly getting infections and autoimmune diseases

  5. Hormone imbalance (estrogen won’t be excreted as it should, so there becomes an excess which causes perimenopausal symptoms)

  6. Inflammation (leaky gut, joints, depression)

  7. E. coli infections and other gut parasite infections

  8. Allergies (food and environmental allergies are all gut related)

  9. General gut bacteria imbalance (Dysbiosis.) Bifido produces natural antibiotic substances that kill bad bacteria preventing the bad guys taking over his spot!)

  10. Anxiety and emotional health are also secondary symptoms from lack of or zero Bifido.

  11. And more….


So Bifido directly ‘competes’ with yeast overgrowth and candida.  Candida is very common in women’s health and can cause so many flow on symptoms such as tiredness, no energy, brain fog, depression, sugar cravings (the yeast is demanding to be fed sugar to survive) and many other health issues all related to this overgrowth in yeast.


And get this!! Research has shown that Bifidobacterium is also extremely susceptible to being killed by antibiotics.  So given the ‘over-prescribed’ catastrophy of antibiotics in the world, there’s little wonder that many people are now showing to have ZERO of this crucial probiotic strain living in their gut.  People have never been more sicker than they are today!

Do you see extraordinary link in all of this and how this great lack of Bifido is causing us so much grief with our health?


As a practitioner, I’m a big believer in testing first to find out exactly what’s going on.  Otherwise treatment can be hit and miss at best and there are many different strains of probiotics in different formulas.   So my patients have a Digestive Stool Analysis test (which brilliantly tells us which important probiotic strains are missing (e.g. Bifidobacterium) and which bad guys have taken over.  This test also tells us what yeasts are causing grief (thrush, tiredness, no energy) and IF we are breaking down our food properly. Commonly we have low stomach acid as we get older, combine this with a couple courses of antibiotics and a western lifestyle, most people will have low stomach acid. Not good.

So from the results of this test, we get a good picture, then it’s all about building the gut back up to balance using a step-by-step process.

Remember: This imbalance didn’t happen overnight, so it’s not going to be fixed overnight. Many of us miss this because of our ‘quick fix mentality.’

We think that going down to the chemist and buying a bottle of ‘Inner Health Plus’ is going to ‘fix’ everything down there (like the add says!) But most times, it doesn’t go anywhere close to fixing it!  Probiotics are expensive right, and you don’t want to be flushing money down the toilet!

So if you’re reading this and struggling with your health in any way (even if it seems unrelated to digestion) such as fatigue, stress, menopausal symptoms, small or big things it doesn’t matter… I suggest you check if you have any Bifidobacterium in your gut.  As I say, nearly every female patient we test for this shows ZERO in their results, of one of the major players in our good gut bacteria – Bifido!

My brand new up and coming program Empowered Women’s Health (EWH) will help you address exactly this!  I go on the journey with you, showing you the steps to take to build your gut health back to normal.  This new balance that you’ll achieve with your health will then have a flow of effect through how you feel every day into the future and you won’t know just how good you can possibly feel!

EWH will be opening towards the end of the year and I’m so excited to help women (and their families) all around the world with this simple supportive program! So do keep an eye out HERE!

Please share this blog post with other’s, so that you can help spread the word about this very important issue of no bifidobacterium in our gut.  Also come over to my FREE Group – Nutrition For Life Community  and ask me any questions about this topic, testing or get further help on your own health.

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