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Your Easy Meditation Awaits!

Meditation is the missing link for any progress we are trying to make with our health.

As we chatted about last week , it’s common that we may not know where to start with meditation!   Should we go to a class? buy a book? download an app? Yes these are all great ways, but I think it may be helpful if I just jot down these steps for you using this very powerful meditation… so you can start feeling the benefits right now!

So here goes… I suggest you read through and learn the sequence, then just do it!  ( Or you could record in on your phone in your voice, then play it back to yourself as your very own personal meditation.)

Healing Visualization

Sit quietly with your eyes closed for a few moments.  Then bring your attention into your heart and acknowledge the things for which you’re grateful for.

Now have the intention to release any grievance, regrets, or hostility you may be carrying in your heart or mind.  Later, if you so choose, you can bring those grievances back into your consciousness.  But for the time of this meditation, let them go.

Now for a moment or two, silently repeat the phrase in your mind ‘It’s all good.’  Feel what this means to you (but try not to analyze it) just relax into this and feel what this means to you. You can change it to another mantra if you have one.  Keep repeating this in your mind for a minute or longer.

Have the intention of quietening your internal chatter – and allow your attention to move through your body.  If you discover an area of tension, relax this.

Next bring your attention to your breathing.  At first, just observe your breath – then slow down your breathing.

Move awareness to your heart.  Become award of it’s beat, as sound and as feeling.  Have an intention for your heart rate to slow down.

Now bring you attention to your hands and feel the throbbing of your heart beat in your hands.  Feel the tingling and warmth that emanates from your heart.

Move your awareness to your eyes.  Feel the throbbing of your heartbeat in your eyes, and then in your face.

Now let your awareness move freely through your entire body, feeling the warmth, tingling and throbbing of your heartbeat where ever you choose.  If you find an area that needs healing, intend warmth for that area.  For example you could focus on your gut.  If not,  just return awareness to your heart.

Now, with awareness and intention of the healing area of your body, repeat for several minutes these two words, like a mantra: ‘relax and heal.’

Move awareness back to you heart, without intention now.  Just be aware of your heartbeat.  Then focus on your breath once again.  After a few moments, open your eyes and complete your healing meditation. 

How did you go?

This meditation first raises the temperature and blood flow to areas of the body that need attention and then it introduces the intention of healing.  It’s important to go through the whole sequence.  Practice this healing meditation as often as possible and with time, you’ll experience the warmth and tingling where ever you choose, to activate the healing energy of your body.

I hope this helps you 🙂

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